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Information technology has long since become indispensable. Whether for private individuals or companies - digitization has revolutionized our lives. Thanks to ever more powerful systems, ever greater volumes of data are being transmitted at lightning speed and ever more possibilities are being created. At the same time, 21st century IT is an environmental challenge: it requires large amounts of energy and thus has a significant impact on our environment. As an IT company and multi-cloud service integrator, Arvato Systems is aware of these impacts. That is why we strive to make our energy consumption as efficient as possible and thus to keep reducing the CO2 emissions for which we are responsible. By using and continuously expanding state-of-the-art (environmental) technology - for example in our data centers - and by using cloud-based state-of-the-art technologies and solutions, we are contributing to sustainable energy and resource management of the future. In this way, we ensure for ourselves and our customers that information and communications technology is already much more in harmony with the environment today. 

We do this with ambitious goals: Arvato Systems aims to become a CO₂-neutral company in the short term. To achieve this, we have identified three main areas on which we are working intensively and continuously:  

Energy efficiency & renewable energy
Travel & business trips
Sustainable office environments

Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy


Green power from renewable energies

We are convinced that green energy is an important lever to stop climate change. By using green electricity, we actively contribute to a cleaner environment and thus take a significant step towards sustainability. Where we can and where it is technically possible, we purchase green electricity - and not just in Germany, but worldwide.


Energy efficiency in our data centers

Power consumption is a key factor in the operation of data centers. That is why the topic of energy efficiency plays a particularly important role here.


Construction of e-charging stations

At many of our sites, we provide charging stations for electric vehicles for employees and guests. Over the next few years, we intend to continuously expand this service at our German and international sites.


Photovoltaics - positive for the environment

We want to continuously minimize our ecological footprint. To conserve resources, we are therefore looking into installing photovoltaic systems on all our buildings.


green.screen | Web-based environmental reporting

Our solutions also actively contribute to protecting our environment. For example, green.screen, an IT-based energy management platform developed by Arvato Systems for local energy management, which is also used in the Bertelsmann Group.

Commuting & Business Trips

Company bicycles

We motivate our employees to consider alternative means of transport instead of the car. For example, all employees have the opportunity to lease bicycles or e-bikes quickly and at very attractive conditions.

Strengthening public transport

Arvato Systems employees can already use a job ticket for public transportation at many of our locations at reduced rates. Where sites are currently difficult to reach by public transport, we are looking at ways to establish additional public transport options.

Mobile Work

We also contribute to sustainability and CO₂ minimization with our "Mobile Work" initiative. The modern offices at our sites are the "home port" for our employees. This is where people meet and work together. At the same time, we offer maximum flexibility: Employees can work in their home offices or at other locations, thus reducing the number of daily commutes. Our "mobile work" concept combines the best of both worlds.

Responsible Business Travel

It is also possible to make a contribution to climate protection when traveling on business. For this reason, the "Guide to Climate-Friendly Travel" was developed at Bertelsmann, which provides many useful suggestions for avoiding emissions. For example, many business trips could already be usefully replaced by virtual meetings. And when a business trip is important or unavoidable, we use public transportation whenever possible. Air travel should only be undertaken if there is no other alternative that makes sense in terms of time. In addition, emissions generated by business travel are offset by supporting certified climate protection projects.

Our Office Worlds


Sustainable Buildings & Building Technology

We work consistently on the sustainability of our buildings and offices. This begins with the gradual modernization of lighting, continues with the ongoing optimization of heating and ventilation systems, and extends to the replacement of fossil fuel-fired heating systems with low-C02 systems. When new buildings are leased, special attention is paid to energy efficiency and sustainability from the outset.


Modern Office Concept

Office worlds of the future! Under this motto, we are transforming more and more "conventional" office spaces into so-called "Modern Offices", in which spaces and rooms can be used flexibly as required. The combination of top equipment, many opportunities for collaboration and maximum flexibility offers several advantages at once: State-of-the-art ambience, less space consumption and conservation of resources. This also supports our sustainability goals.


Paperless Offices

Every day, we work to make our sites and workplaces as paperless as possible. In the process, we have digitized our entire document and contract management. For example, all our contracts are provided digitally, signed electronically and archived. This has enabled us to reduce the number of printouts, copies and office materials to a minimum in recent years.


Waste & Recycling

We attach great importance to waste avoidance at our sites and continuously optimize our waste management. We also set the highest standards with regard to the disposal and recycling of electrical equipment and electronic waste - not least by reusing used equipment wherever possible. By pre-sorting and sorting our waste, we also facilitate recycling and thus support the global sustainability cycle.

Certifications & Awards

For Arvato Systems, sustainability and environmental awareness play a major role in business activities. Our certifications and awards show us that we are on the right track - and we are proud of that!

Certificate for social-ecological commitment

Our partnership with the non-profit IT company AfB shows that we are also active in the social-ecological field. For years, we have had AfB refurbish discarded IT and mobile devices. This protects the environment and promotes the integration of people with disabilities.

Germany's Best | Sustainability 2022

Arvato Systems has received the "Germany's Best - Sustainability 2022" award. In this study, DEUTSCHLAND TEST and the Institute for Management and Economic Research (IMWF) select companies and brands that have a particularly positive perception of sustainability in the market. In the survey, which was designed as a broad-based "social listening" exercise, Arvato Systems was the industry winner with the best score for IT service providers.

ISS ESG | Grade: Prime

Bertelsmann regularly has its sustainability performance evaluated by the independent research and rating agency ISS-ESG. This provides an external, objective assessment of Bertelsmann's performance in the areas of ecology, social affairs and governance.

Rating: Grade C+ (Prime)

EcoVadis | Grade: Gold

EcoVadis is a globally recognized provider of corporate sustainability ratings and evaluates companies' commitment to sustainability, environmental protection, and social and ethical responsibility.

Rating: 68 out of 100 points (Gold)

Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) | Grade: B

As a nonprofit organization, CDP is a global leader in environmental disclosure. CDP helps governments and organizations reduce fossil fuel emissions, protect forests, and conserve water resources for future generations.

Rating: Grade B

ISO / IEC 22237 certified

Arvato Systems is the first data center operator in Germany to be certified by TÜV SÜD according to the new ISO/IEC 22237 standard. The international standard, which will be introduced in October 2021, tests the entire data center - from infrastructure to environmental aspects.

Bertelsmann Energy and Climate Policy

The Bertelsmann Executive Board has adopted a Bertelsmann Energy and Climate Policy. The document reaffirms the company's commitment to minimizing the negative effects of its business activities on the environment and climate, and describes specific measures for effective environmental and climate protection. These include purchasing renewable energies, increasing energy efficiency, and developing climate-friendly products and services.

The companies’ local commitment is reinforced by the Group-wide target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions  by 20 percent by 2025 compared to 2014. The new “green.screen” digital environmental platform from Arvato Systems is used to measure local energy consumption and calculate the corresponding emissions. “Green.screen” is currently being used as part of the Group-wide environmental data collection process at some 500 Bertelsmann locations worldwide. Extensive insights into the use of green.screen at Bertelsmann are provided on the Bertelsmann website!


The measurement of local energy consumption and the calculation of the corresponding emissions are carried out with the help of the digital environmental platform „green.screen“ by Arvato Systems. „green.screen“ The product is used as part of the group-wide ecological data collection at about 500 Bertelsmann sites worldwide. The Bertelsmann Website provides extensive insights into the use of green.screen.

Environmental Reports

Below you will find the summarized environmental reports of the Arvato companies from 2004 - 2013 as well as the reports on the Bertelsmann carbon footprint until 2018, which replace the environmental reports. For current data as of 2019, we now refer to the extensive Bertelsmann website on the topic. There, information on corporate responsibility at Bertelsmann is provided for the entire Bertelsmann Group in accordance with the international standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Reporting on the topic of ecology (GRI 300) can be found here.

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