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The Drivers of the Energy Revolution

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“We can talk openly with one another. Everyone can accept criticism, and each one of us can contribute our own ideas. That is what makes my team so strong,” says Hartmut, Business Development Manager in the Utilities department.

This department is specializes in providing consultation services to companies in the fields of energy, water, waste disposal, and transportation infrastructure. “We support our client's Digital Transformation by providing them with cutting-edge IT solutions – from strategy, process consultation, and cloud services all the way to IT and infrastructure services,” explains Hartmut.

The department focuses on a broad range of topics and has a diverse staff to match. In addition to its business development area, the department has its own IT development team responsible for developing new software. Other colleagues work in service and answer client questions or troubleshoot errors.


My job is a combination of consulting and project management, and I can share my ideas in all of our projects. On top of that, entrepreneurial thinking and action are often part of the job. 

In addition, the consultants help the clients navigate the energy revolution and their own Digital Transformation – for example, Daniel, who started as a Management Consultant at Arvato Systems in 2012. He is particularly fond of the working environment in his team: “The best thing about my colleagues is that they are always there for me when I need them. That is especially important when we are working on large projects, particularly when the schedule is tight or if I am having trouble making progress on my own.”

He also gets a lot out of the interdepartmental collaboration with colleagues from a range of different disciplines: “You can develop your skills very quickly here and gain expertise from a range of sectors.” He took the job at Arvato Systems because it was the complete package for him: “The major advantage for me is that I can rely on the security and the opportunities provided by a large business, but I also have a lot of independence when it comes to my work and plenty of freedom to design my own role at the company.”


His colleague Karsten, Consultant Digital Business with the team, also appreciates this freedom, saying, “My job is a combination of consulting and project management. I can share my ideas in all of our projects. On top of that, entrepreneurial thinking and action are often part of the job.”

Flexibility is essential when it comes to collaborating with his colleagues across multiple sites: “My team members work from many locations, but we are still perfectly able to collaborate – for example, we talk to each other over Skype. Everything runs smoothly, and we still share a great team spirit even though we aren’t all sitting in the same office,” says Karsten.

Does that sound like the perfect team to you? We are looking for curious and communicative employees who have an interest in the energy sector, a flair for IT, and the ability to work independently. We need visionary colleagues to help us accompany our clients through the energy revolution. Get to know our team: the designers of the digital future, the online shopping optimizers, the data defenders.

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