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Stefan Felix (1)

"We create digital experiences in the digital world." Without Nic and his colleagues in the Media department at Arvato Systems, the digital era's media and entertainment industry would never be the same. For example, Dirk built a mobile campaign to advertise a new television series. There's Christian, who uses different processes and tools to make professional software solutions possible. Then, Nic himself, who, as Director Business Solutions, is responsible for keeping all of the balls in the air when it comes to product development, implementation, and support for new software solutions.

Almost no other industry is changing as rapidly as the media sector. This team draws on its experience and innovative software solutions to help companies and media agencies worldwide become digital leaders in their fields, whether active in broadcasting and television, music, games, or publishing.


Every day, we work on new ideas and highly complex problems. The best part is when all of the puzzle pieces fit together and when everything finally works just how we imagined it would.

“We accompany our clients through the Digital Transformation – from consultation to the integration of new IT technologies – and cultivate excellent user experiences. That is what we call ‘Connecting Content & People,’” says Nic. “For example, we develop innovative software solutions that enable television broadcasters to maintain a sufficient cache of new video material in their systems at all times – and everything is digital and fully automated.”

The team provides our extensive client network with a wide-ranging portfolio of services. For our employees, that means plenty of opportunities to be creative. That is what Dirk, Head of Marketing Solutions, likes best about his job. He says, “The great thing about us is that everyone has the opportunity to make a contribution, to drive things forward, and to develop their skills. And for me, the most important part is that we treat one another as equals. In our team, creativity and knowledge are more important than hierarchy.”

The media companies are creative, too. “Our clients are always exploring new markets and channels, both nationally and internationally. That makes our work highly varied because the conditions are always changing,” says Christian. The Director of Enterprise Architecture enjoys taking on these types of challenges in his free time, too. As a writer and theater director, he is always confronted with new people and situations.

Project managers, designers, programmers, software architects, and other specialists work as a team to create projects and products. “Every day, we work on new ideas and highly complex problems. The best part is when all of the pieces of the puzzle fit together and when everything finally works just the way we imagined it would,” says Christian. 

Does that sound like the perfect team to you? We are looking for curious employees who have innovative ideas, dedication to the media industry, and independent workers. We need creative colleagues to present our clients’ products to users at the highest level of quality. Get to know our teams: the drivers of the energy revolution, the online shopping optimizers, the data defenders.

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Stefan Felix (1)
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