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Today's customers and prospects enter sales talks much more informed than in the past: usually, the buying process is already very advanced when they first contact your sales department. The variety of information distributed across all channels - suppliers, products, prices - makes it increasingly difficult for marketing and sales to identify opportunities and potential.

This is exactly where SAP Sales Cloud comes in. The CRM system puts customer relationships at the heart of your sales. Your team receives all important customer information in real time, consolidated across all contact points and channels. This allows your sales staff to optimally prepare for customer meetings, better identify sales opportunities and take advantage of them.

Using SAP's sales solution opens up all the advantages of a cloud-based platform: use cross-system data in real time, process templates for sales and marketing, easy personalisation of customer communication and a multitude of other functions for the perfect collaboration of your sales team!

9 Good Reasons for the SAP Sales Cloud

The automatable ...

  • INTEGRATIVE - increase sales through connected lead, opportunity and forecast processes.
  • INTERACTIVE - improve sales productivity with collaboration tools, interactive dashboards and real-time analytics.
  • RATIONAL - save time by automating interactions and synchronising with Microsoft Outlook and Google Gmail.

intelligent ...

  • EVALUATING - intelligent scoring rules help your sales force identify leads and opportunities with a high probability of closing.
  • FUTURE-FORWARDING - AI-based activity recommendations increase your sales velocity and close rates.
  • ANALYTICAL - Forecast intelligence functions and visual pipeline analysis help you deal with high-risk opportunities

Sales Solution from SAP.

  • MOBILE - networked mobile sales functions and complete online and offline synchronisation support your sales teams.
  • OPTIMISING - route optimisation, tailor-made activity plans and dynamic visit assessments improve the deployment planning and productivity of your sales force.
  • INFORMATIVE - analyses of productivity, current prices and trends support your sales team.

FAQ: SAP Sales Cloud

  • SAP Sales Cloud, as part of the SAP Customer Experience Suite, helps sales teams to optimally accompany customers throughout the entire customer journey. The solution provides your sales team with extensive analytics and recommendation capabilities and helps to significantly improve the lead-to-cash process.

    • preconfigured processes for sales and marketing

    • integrated functions for collaborative work

    • optimised sales processes for greater efficiency in closing

    • sales-related 360-degree view of consolidated customer data

    • early recognition of opportunities & risks in lead management

    • Integration of third-party systems such as Microsoft Office / Outlook / Teams, telephony etc.

    • Real-time analyses of customer data and sales opportunities

  • SAP Sales Cloud, as part of the SAP Customer Experience Suite, is aimed at companies that want to optimise their sales efficiency by means of a 360-degree view of a consolidated customer data profile. Highest efficiency results from the simple and seamless connection with SAP modules such as SAP Commerce Cloud or SAP Marketing Cloud: It allows analyses on holistic customer profiles and helps to evaluate opportunities in a targeted manner and to optimise the entire sales cycle.

Our Services for Your Success

Consulting, implementation and operation – all from a single source.

We provide consultation and work with you to define your process requirements and the desired functions. We draw your attention to opportunities to increase efficiency and optimize costs. We use this framework to design a solution for you and to help you select the ideal standard software.

Our experienced project managers handle implementation, configuration of standard software, and integration in your existing IT systems. Last but not least, we support your IT department with data migration and train your users. Naturally, we also provide you with the necessary product licenses. If needed, we offer you the right IT infrastructure for your business and handle system operation, including maintenance, application management, and further development.

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