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How Well Do You Know Your Customers?

Whether online, mobile or on site: today, customers contact you via countless communication channels. The customer experience solutions from the SAP C/4HANA portfolio enable you to implement a holistic customer relationship management that gives you and your customers access to all relevant information and services at all times.

With the customer engagement platform C/4HANA from the market leader SAP, your customers are always at the center of attention.

Whether in e-commerce, sales, marketing or customer service - we help you to understand your customers precisely, to optimize contact and to personalize their behavior across all channels. With this knowledge, you can react flexibly and meet your customers' expectations.

SAP C/4HANA at a Glance

SAP Commerce Cloud – the Webshop

With the SAP Commerce Cloud, you have all of your data and processes under control. Optimize your sales processes and order management, manage contents and catalog data centrally, and benefit from extensive personalization and targeting functions. Manage your customer dialog in real time and offer your customers the best possible pathway to making the right decision.


  • Omni-channel control and order processing
  • Centralized administration of content and catalog data
  • Optimization of order management
  • Customer dialog in real time
  • Support for complex product configurations

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SAP Marketing Cloud – The Marketing Solution

The SAP Marketing Cloud provides you with a comprehensive overview of your customers – you can always see what drives your customers. Provide them with the information they need at the right time using personalized, automated communication processes. Dynamic customer profiles and powerful functions for segmentation enable personalized customer communication and customer retention management.

Provide your customers with custom proposals across all relevant channels. With the SAP Marketing Cloud you offer an optimized customer experience, strengthen customer retention, and increase revenue while optimizing processes at the same time.


  • Dynamic customer profiles
  • Powerful tools for the segmentation of customer data
  • Tools for real-time campaign analysis
  • Personalized customer communication and customer retention management
  • Support for all relevant channels
SAP Sales Cloud - The Sales Solution

With the SAP Sales Cloud, you have access to current information about customers and processes from any place and at any time. Whether you need access to prices, product information, proposals, or analyses – with the SAP Sales Cloud, your sales team has access to all of the important data. Forecasting functions and real-time lead evaluation allow you to retain control over your sales processes.

You can embed these functions in your everyday business processes through integration with Office tools such as Outlook, Gmail, Lotus Notes, Evernote, and your calendar and telephony systems. Thanks to the intuitive user experience, this process is very simple and works both online and offline.


  • Centralized data management
  • Real-time analyses and interactive dashboards
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Seamless integration in day-to-day business
Sap Sales Cloud – The CRM Software for Sales and Distribution

Today, more than ever before, customers expect you to process their service requests quickly and effectively. At the same time, the number of communication channels and points of contact continues to increase. Handling this situation requires a service platform that supports all types of interactions, from self-services without a direct link, to service personnel, all the way to highly complex interactions – from any place and at any time.


  • Personalized customer communication for every interaction
  • Highest level of self-service functions
  • Consolidation of product information and expertise
  • Omni-channel customer support for process and ticket management
  • Optimization of internal communication
SAP Customer Data Cloud – The Data Hub

In order to obtain meaningful customer data, you need the trust of your customers. The basis for this is the SAP Customer Data Cloud, which creates trust through transparency, security and control. It simplifies authorization management with a self-service center that gives customers access to their own data and preferences. This makes it clear to the customer that he bears the responsibility. In this way, you can bind occasional visitors to your brand in the long term.


  • Secure customer identities
  • Compliance with the GDPR
  • Obtaining customer consents
  • Customer identity management
  • Registration and Interactions

Our Services for Your Success

Consulting, implementation and operation – all from a single source.

We provide consultation and work with you to define your process requirements and the desired functions. We draw your attention to opportunities to increase efficiency and optimize costs. We use this framework to design a solution for you and to help you select the ideal standard software.

Our experienced project managers handle implementation, configuration of standard software, and integration in your existing IT systems. Last but not least, we support your IT department with data migration and train your users. Naturally, we also provide you with the necessary product licenses. If needed, we offer you the right IT infrastructure for your business and handle system operation, including maintenance, application management, and further development.

Your Benefits

Excellent performance: Maintain billions of customer contacts simultaneously
Effective: quick setup, easy-to-use
Flexible: fast implementation of new processes
Open: easy integration of data sources and channels
Expandable: Take advantage of the SAP Cloud platform

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Use Case SAP C/4HANA in Retail

Read about the complex processes that trigger trivial customer wishes on the part of the retailer at first glance and how they can be effectively and efficiently mastered with the SAP C/4HANA solutions. 

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