Omnichannel Strategy With Success

Increase user experience with the right omnichannel measures

White Paper Omnichannel Convenience

Customer satisfaction through flexibility and unique customer experiences: With omnichannel measures such as Ship-from-Store and Endless Aisle, you can reach your customers anywhere and at any time.

  • How do retailers meet rising customer demands and create end-to-end customer touchpoint management?
  • Which omnichannel solutions increase process efficiency and reduce costs sustainably?

Modern omnichannel management with seamless features such as Ship-from-Store, Endless Aisle or Click & Collect is the solution. With their use, you create service quality for a unique user experience and optimize your cost efficiency at the same time. The core of a successful omnichannel strategy is the right Order Management System (OMS): The key to customer satisfaction for strong retailers.

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3 reasons why you should read this whitepaper:

Our whitepaper shows which measures matter so that you can realize a unique omnichannel customer experience and thereby a competitive advantage.
The OMS as the core of your omnichannel strategy - the key to more transparency & centrality. In the whitepaper, you will learn what lies behind this "single source of truth".
Get an overview of omnichannel measures such as ship-from-store that will help you increase customer satisfaction through shorter delivery times and improve customer service quality within 3 months.

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Order Management System at ORSAY

ORSAY taps service potential: A central Order Management System results in improved customer service.

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With the Order Management System aroma®, you simplify your IT architecture and improve the customer experience.

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With the Order Management System aroma®, you simplify your IT architecture and improve the customer experience.

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