24-hour supplier switching in the energy sector: what updates are there?

News about Market communication for SAP systems for weekday supplier switching

IT requirements for 24-hour supplier switching: an update

Wednesday, 28 August 2024, 02:00 pm - 03:00 pm

From April 1, 2025, energy consumers will be able to switch supplier within 24 hours for supply contracts with all energy suppliers. This will lead to extensive changes in energy industry processes, particularly in the market communication of SAP systems. But how do the changes need to be implemented in the relevant IT systems?

In the second session of our webinar series, you will gain a deeper insight into the new processes and changes to existing processes in the context of energy market communication. The focus here will be on the system-side adjustments in SAP that will be relevant for the 24-hour supplier change. You will receive answers to the following questions:

1. Background and challenges:

  • Regulatory requirements in connection with the change of provider: What new regulatory requirements do market participants have to fulfill in the course of the 24-hour change of provider?

  • Revised AHBs (General Terms and Conditions for Electricity Supply): What significant changes have been made to the General Terms and Conditions for Electricity Supply?

  • Updating the content of the changes: What specific changes to the processes and IT systems result from the new regulations?

2. Solutions for processes and market roles:

  • Implementation of the changes in the relevant IT systems: What technical adjustments are necessary to meet the new requirements?

  • Effects on market communication in the context of GPKE and WiMHow will the business processes for electronic data interchange (GPKE) change as a result of the 24-hour change of provider?

3. Exchange of experience:

  • What challenges do you see in practice when implementing the new processes?

4. Outlook:

  • What current developments and changes can be expected in the near future?
  • What measures should companies take to optimally prepare for the upcoming changes?
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Uwe Wortmann
Marketing Consultant