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Stadtwerke Neustadt public utility company

Utilities 2.0 fine-tuned with business process consulting

The Client

  • Established in 1852, Stadtwerke Neustadt is the municipal public utility serving the city of roughly 15,000 in Holstein, Germany.
  • Its main activities include supplying the region with power, natural gas, heating, and water. Along with that, it is responsible for wastewater and rainwater disposal.
Initial situation

Stadtwerke Neustadt in Holstein would like to grow and to position itself optimally for this: The utility company acquires new shareholdings, establishes new divisions and introduces new services. In the context of the energy turnaround, Stadtwerke Neustadt is also striving for consistent alignment as a digital service provider in the energy market. To achieve these goals, the company will reorganize its resources with external support and optimize its business processes and IT infrastructures.


Stadtwerke Neustadt has a detailed catalog of measures and implementations for business process optimization and thus comes much closer to its own vision of a modern digital energy supplier and partner for its customers.


Arvato Systems supports Stadtwerke Neustadt with an analysis of its business processes, organization, IT architectures and processes as well as all process costs. A catalog of measures is then developed and proposals for implementation are presented.

Our Services

Arvato Systems carry out a 360-degree analysis of a company’s business processes and IT systems, focusing on the following aspects:

  • The company’s business processes, including unbundling compliance, taking into account existing and required information technologies 
  • IT and all documented applications, with a focus on the basic alignment of strategy, planning, IT architecture, IT governance, and IT security
  • Assessment of organization and the company’s investment/partnership models
  • Process and IT costs for advanced benchmarking with comparable market players
  • Preparation of an IT strategy, taking into account growth strategies of Stadtwerke Neustadt
  • Recommendations are then prepared, setting out short, medium, and long-term measures for achieving the defined goals.

Customer Benefits

Catalog of measures, including guidelines for implementation of modern digital tools
Manage and optimize business growth with future-proof enterprise IT 
Process optimization enables the customer to leverage existing resources to gain experience with digital business models and technologies

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Loseke, Bernd_00292969_kleiner
Bernd Loseke
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