Advantages of the Cloud for the Content Management of Radio NRW

Highly available and scalable content management from the AWS cloud

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Radio NRW provides the supporting programme for currently 45 local radio stations in North Rhine-Westphalia and offers news, weather and playlist broadcasts. At Radio NRW, Arvato Systems has converted individual decentralized site structures into a global content management system with Infrastructure-as-Code and CI/CD.

Project Overview

Initial Situation

In the initial situation, each of the stations cooperating with Radio NRW had its own website, through which both its own content and that of Radio NRW were played out. This landscape of many individual pages led to high maintenance costs as well as aggregated costs for e.g. infrastructure and maintenance on the part of Radio NRW. The implementation of new features was a long-term task and the individualization of the website for special events was almost impossible.


The Arvato Systems team helped the customer to set up the new content management system of the agency CONTENS Software in the AWS cloud in a flexible and scalable way. This system makes it possible to efficiently combine both individual content from radio stations and global content from Radio NRW. To ensure that the system is highly available and scalable in the long term, the experts from Arvato Systems used container and serverless technologies and an infrastructure-as-code approach. Routing, APIs, databases and file storage, for example, were mapped completely serverless. A CI/CD pipeline ensures that new code commits are automatically transferred from the agency's repository to the production environment once the QA has been passed. 


Thanks to the AWS cloud and serverless architecture, the content management system is now highly available and scalable at minimal cost. In addition, it can be effectively maintained and up-dated through automated, simple processes. Arvato Systems takes over the 24/7 monitoring and keeps the customer and the agency up to date on new developments in AWS. This ensures regular architecture checks and corresponding cost and performance optimizations.

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Less administration
Scalable and highly available infrastructure
Higher user-friendliness

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