Optimized SAP Licensing Model


Customized SAP Licensing Model

The specialists at Arvato Systems put the existing SAP licensing model to the test, identified inadequacies and weaknesses, and created a perfect solution for Hansa-Flex. From now on, the company is not only perfectly positioned in terms of licensing, but it also saves a six-figure sum annually thanks to the extensive adjustments.

Customer Benefits

Demand-driven conversion of the contract model from enterprise to standard support
Resolution of over-licensing through targeted downgrades and the adaptation of licenses to needs
Reduced costs and increased transparency for SAP licenses
Potentials of software-on-demand in the on-premises segment can be used purposefully
Continuous optimization and adaptation process

Arvato Systems' analyses have shown us where we need to make adjustments in SAP licenses and where optimization potential has so far gone unused.


Project Overview

Initial situation

SAP licensing is a science in itself. Mistakes such as license gaps can have unpleasant consequences. For its collaboration with SAP, the world's leading business process control software provider, Hansa-Flex was looking for an implementation and maintenance partner to help it implement proactive license management. Based on its positive experience with Arvato Systems, which had already managed the relocation of Hansa-Flex's data center, the company commissioned IT experts to analyze and adapt its SAP licensing strategy.


Hansa-Flex strives to position itself in the best way regarding licensing so that the volume of SAP used corresponds to the investments made and potential savings can be exploited. By entrusting this task to experienced experts in the SAP licensing portfolio, the company aims always to pursue the appropriate SAP strategy, both now and in the future.


After the initial consultation, Hansa-Flex decided to work with Arvato Systems as its licensing and maintenance partner in the future. Thanks to Hansa-Flex's in-depth understanding of the company's needs and Arvato Systems' comprehensive knowledge of the SAP licensing spectrum, it was possible to work out the optimal and, at the same time, most cost-effective license mix. Time and again, SAP customers are over-licensed or under-licensed, both of which lead to problems and unnecessary costs in the long term. For this reason, Arvato Systems provides companies with advice and support during the termination and contract conversion process.

The Project






  • Consulting and analysis of the existing SAP on-premises licensing model
  • Development of a custom-fit, commercially viable SAP strategy
  • Operating a proactive license management
  • Consistent optimization of the licensing strategy with the search for potential savings
  • Accompaniment of termination and contract changeover for new license and maintenance model
  • Continuous maintenance and troubleshooting
  • SAP on-premises licenses
  • Standard maintenance model
  • Analysis of the existing licensing landscape, including DSAG expertise (Deutschsprachige SAP-Anwendergruppe e.V.)
  • Forecast of future developments
  • Error correction for license renewals and decommissioning of unneeded licenses based on a deep understanding of SAP Extension Policies
  • Classification of user types: Basic supply via simple license models. Leveraging the associated short-term savings potential
  • Conversion of the enterprise support model with 24/7 availability to a standard solution
  • Consistent, customized optimization of the SAP licensing landscape
  • Security in all matters relating to license compliance and resource conservation
  • Ongoing proactive service partnership
  • Sustainable improvement of SAP license supply
  • Increasing legal certainty and flexibility
  • Extensive release of human and financial resources
  • Establishment of a continuous optimization and adjustment process
  • Professional consulting by Arvato Systems as a license and maintenance partner
  • Intensive collaboration and continuous monitoring of the system landscape
  • Customer-oriented adjustments with a view to topicality and requirements
  • Ability to extend current fully managed service to future conversions to the cloud

The Customer

HANSA-FLEX, headquartered in Bremen, is Europe's leading systems supplier in the fields of fluid technology, hydraulics, and pneumatics.
Founded in 1962, HANSA-FLEX is now a value-added partner for high-performance companies of all sizes.
With over 5,100 employees and more than 157,000 purchasing customers in 40 countries, HANSA-FLEX generated annual sales of around EUR 638 million in 2023.

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