Microsoft 365 Strategy for Establishing a Modern Workplace

envia Mitteldeutsche Energie AG

How Can a Company Accelerate the Unbundling of Its IT From an External Hoster and Promptly Establish a Public Cloud?


This was precisely the challenge we faced with our customer EnviaM. The company's goal was to unbundle the IT it used from the previous hoster's system and instead move it to a public cloud with its own office IT based on Microsoft 365. The big challenge was to design a strategy that would accelerate the time-consuming process and also enable a permanent structure for long-term objectives. This is where Arvato Systems came in.

Customer Benefits

Strategy & roadmap for efficient project implementation
Successful integration of the hosting service provider as a party of interest
Starting point for a Modern Workplace
More collaboration tools for employees in the future
Thanks to parallelization of subtasks, reduction of effort for data export process from 13 to 3 months
Baground Situation

enviaM was formed in 2002 from the merger of various regional energy suppliers in eastern Germany. The group includes a total of eleven companies. Therefore, the energy service provider was looking for ways to optimize collaboration tools and an option to reduce costs. To become more modern and attractive to its employees in the long term, it needed new, up-to-date, and smooth communication processes. enviaM needed a detailed strategy with objectives and time-structured milestones. The goal was to unbundle IT and establish a modern workplace based on Microsoft 365.


EnviaM commissioned the design of the required M365 strategy. The collaboration then began with a joint kick-off meeting to inspect the system to be established. There was a desire to establish its own office IT based on Microsoft 365. In this way, an efficient and attractive Modern Workplace was created in the long term.


enviaM received a roadmap that showed the steps in which the changeover could be carried out. A workshop was held on each topic to jointly develop a solution concept for the target specifications. At the same time, Arvato Systems used the resulting information to develop a concept for an overall strategy, including a cost estimate. enviaM received a complete strategy with a multi-layered roadmap, thanks to which it has been able to pursue its long-term objective in a structured manner ever since.


The scheduled time frame was very ambitious, mainly because our IT landscape is very complex. Nevertheless, we were able to complete the project within about ten weeks, which meant that the ambitious schedule was met.


About EnviaM

envia Mitteldeutsche Energie AG is an energy service provider responsible for supplying electricity and gas in eastern Germany. The group comprises a total of eleven companies whose focus is on electricity and gas supply, infrastructure, and service. enviaM has around 650 employees and total revenue of €2.3 billion (as of 2019).

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