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With Cloud and Managed Services to a SaaS Business Model

Zucchetti Switzerland SA

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More than 6,000 employees and 600,000 customers, as well as a nationwide sales network with over 1,650 partners in Italy and 350 in over 50 other countries: Zucchetti Group is one of the most important Italian IT companies. Zucchetti designs its hardware and software solutions and innovative services specifically to address the needs of small, medium and large enterprises.

Customer Benefits

Scalable, highly available infrastructure
Reliable operation
Transformation of own business model to SaaS-based POS systems
Quick introduction of new functionalities by using DevOps
Increased customer focus 
Highest security standards

Project Overview

Background Situation

Zucchetti designs software and hardware solutions as well as innovative services specifically developed to address the needs of small, medium and large businesses. 
These solutions are essential to the day-to-day operations of many hospitality and retail customers. In the past, the most challenging aspect of POS systems was that customers had to invest in their own servers and new technologies were implemented using traditional methods.


With the help of a fully scalable, flexible and secure IT infrastructure, Zucchetti's business model was to be transformed to enable customers to use a SaaS-based POS system.

In this way, Zucchetti wants to empower its customers to use new technologies and business functionalities more quickly. In addition, customers should benefit from the high availability of the solution and be able to rely on high-quality data backup.


The close cooperation between Zucchetti and Arvato Systems grew out of earlier successful projects. And in this case, the companies also worked hand in hand. They designed a fully scalable, flexible, and secure infrastructure based on Microsoft Azure cloud technology together with Arvato Systems' Managed Cloud Services.  In combination with Zucchetti's "TCPOS" application, the newly designed Managed Infrastructure delivers an easy-to-manage SaaS-based POS solution.

The Customer: Zucchetti

With more than 6,000 employees, a nationwide distribution network exceeding 1,650 Partners in Italy and 350 in over 50 countries in the world, and more than 600,000 customers, Zucchetti Group is one of the most important Italian companies in the IT sector in Europe. Zucchetti designs Software and Hardware solutions and innovative services designed and developed to meet the specific needs of small, medium and large sized companies.

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