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Global Blue - Relaunch

Engaging omnichannel user experience with Magnolia PaaS

Global Blue - Relaunch with Magnolia CMS

Global Blue (1)

Our customer, a leading strategic technology and payments partner in the Tax-Free Shopping, Payment, and RetailTech ecosystems, wanted to improve its online presence and provide a seamless omnichannel experience to its various stakeholders. We implemented a new website based on the powerful and flexible Magnolia CMS Headless architecture and a modern and dynamic Angular front-end to meet this challenge. The implementation was done in the Magnolia PaaS environment, which enabled easy setup and fast deployment.


Flexible, scalable headless architecture
Modern, dynamic Angular frontend
Consistent omnichannel experience
Latest data from Salesforce

Project Overview

Initial situation

Due to a change in CMS vendors and systems, our client needed a new, seamless omnichannel experience to meet the needs of their diverse stakeholders. The solution required to leverage Magnolia CMS and Angular to deliver a dynamic website that was scalable, flexible, and consistent across all channels and devices.


The vision for the project was to redesign and enhance the online presence and provide a seamless and engaging omnichannel experience to various stakeholders. The goal was to create a consistent user experience across all channels and devices that met travelers, retailers, investors, and advertisers' unique needs.


Our team leveraged the power of Magnolia CMS to create a headless architecture and a dynamic Angular front-end. The headless architecture provides a flexible and scalable solution for content management, while the Angular front end offers a modern and dynamic user experience. With a comprehensive store finder based on actual data from Salesforce, the user experience becomes even more personalized. The solution enables easy content management across multiple channels, resulting in a seamless and consistent user experience.

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Working with Magnolia CMS and the team at Arvato Systems has been a successful milestone. The solution has enabled us to create a seamless and consistent user experience for our stakeholders, and the team's technical expertise and collaborative approach have made it all possible.

About Global Blue

Global Blue pioneered the concept of Tax Free Shopping 40 years ago. Through continuous innovation, Global Blue has become the leading strategic technology and payments partner, empowering retailers to improve their performance and shoppers to enhance their experience

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