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TI becomes a Service
Partnership gematik
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TI becomes a Service


We combine our expertise in VPN access services with the operation of the telematics infrastructure - the digital health network. With the help of the connection and access to the telematics infrastructure, TI for short, service providers in the medical and care sectors are allowed to use digital applications such as e-prescription for themselves and their patients. Until now, you needed a connector to be able to connect securely to the TI. We have been offering my access service for some years, which bundles our services and the physical connection as a complete package.

Now we have a new, innovative solution: TI access as a service. With our TI as a Service offering 'flexTI', we are moving toward Telematics Infrastructure 2.0, in which use will be possible without a connector in the future. Until this step is taken, we are offering doctors' practices, pharmacies, care services, and other service providers in the healthcare industry the opportunity to move the connector to the data centers we operate via our large partner network.This eliminates the need to purchase and maintain hardware, and technical problems with a connector can be immediately compensated for by a redundant device. In particular, smaller facilities such as midwives and therapists with low-threshold entry options benefit from flexTI.

Even for facilities that already use a connector to connect to the telematics infrastructure, the switch to flexTI is easy! It is silent and does not interfere with day-to-day operations in any way. Instead, employees gain more time because the complexity and their operating expenses are minimized.

Advantages of TI as a Service with Arvato Systems

We operate and manage the connectors in our own data centers in Germany, certified to current ISO standards, e.g. ISO 27001
Redundant design of connectors enables fast recoverability in case of failure
Professional support for users and primary system manufacturers during the conversion or new installation of flexTI
Comprehensive support during operation
Ensuring up-to-dateness by providing necessary updates and regular maintenance
seamless transition to the later TI 2.0
we are the reliable partner of gematik
Partnership gematik

The gematik is the national agency for digital medicine. It was founded by the service providers and payers of the German healthcare system to test the electronic health card (eGK) and introduce and further develop the telematics infrastructure.

FAQ flexTI

  • The telematics infrastructure is the digital network of the German healthcare system and a platform for healthcare applications in the medical and care sectors. This enables fast but also secure and uncomplicated intersectoral communication between the individual players in the healthcare system. Until now, access to the TI has been exclusively using a connector that enables various interfaces to digital health applications. With a TI as a Service solution, a connector is still required, but it is operated and maintained in Arvato Systems' secure, redundant data centers.

  • Yes, it is mandatory for doctors' and dentists' practices and physiotherapists to use the insurance master data management system (VSDM in Germany) if they treat patients with statutory health insurance. A prerequisite for the implementation of VSDM is a TI connection.

    However, some groups of physicians who are not required to use VSDM have also had to be connected to the TI for almost two years. If they do not comply with this obligation, this leads to a penalty in the form of fee reductions.

    Connection to the central infrastructure is also necessary to be able to communicate with other players in the healthcare system via kim+. For example, a KIM solution has been mandatory since April 1, 2021, for all practices that wish to transmit an ePhysician letter.

    From January 1, 2024, all outpatient care facilities in Germany must also have TI access - until then, a connection remains voluntary.

  • To use our kim+ service, a connection to the telematics infrastructure is necessary. For this purpose, the already proven solution, My Access Service, but also the new solution TI as a Service can be used - both products are equally suitable.

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