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Digital Identities in the Healthcare Industry

Innovative Identity Provider Solution for TI 2.0

Digital Identities for the Telematics Infrastructure 2.0

Step by step, we are approaching TI 2.0, a TI without connectors. It will have a federated structure and its security will be based on digital identities in the future - according to the gematik announcement. This means significant changes for the entire industry. With the help of its own IDP solution, Arvato Systems offers health insurance companies a future-proof, secure solution that will significantly increase digital convenience for policyholders. Those who want to jump on the bandwagon in good time should start looking at digital identities today.

The Digital Identity

...is represented by identified (e.g., by the eID procedure) personal attributes such as surname, first name, or date of birth and stored in the secure storage of the mobile device. Thus, the data remains in the data storage devices, known as wallets, of the insured person's smartphone or tablet. With the help of the digital identity, the insured person has uncomplicated access to the electronic patient file (ePA) and other digital health applications. But it can also be used in the future to open a bank account or for other everyday applications.

IDP Solution From Arvato Systems: More Convenience, Fewer Costs

The new IDP solution brings with it many advantages and makes good arguments to outdo approaches that are structured in a centralized manner. As a new, decentralized idea, it lowers the cost of IT security and data protection and offers policyholders greater convenience and privacy of personal data. With the Arvato Systems solution, data remains on the user's mobile device and is thus in the hands of the owner, who can access it with or without a connection to the Internet. In addition, profiling by the identity provider is prevented. The digital identities are future-proof and already meet the requirements specified by gematik and the EU, as well as the requirements of the eIDAS 2.0 regulation, which will be valid from 2024. The countdown is already running for statutory health insurers - by mid-2024, they must provide their policyholders with digital identities. But private health insurers can also benefit from the IDP solution today!

Advantages of Digital Identities From Arvato Systems at a Glance

secure, future-proof solution
already meets the necessary requirements of TI 2.0 today
lower costs for IT security & data protection
EU-wide use
Mobile convenience for insured persons
equally applicable for statutory and private health insurers
uncomplicated access to the TI

European Health Data Space (EHDS) and Digital Identities

Listen in to our 09 March 2023 HealthTech Radio to learn more about the European Health Data Space (EHDS). Kai Ketzer, Senior Manager eHealth at Arvato Systems, reveals what a quantum leap the EHDS represents for the delivery of healthcare services across Europe and talks about the benefits of digital identities for the healthcare industry.


  • The telematics infrastructure is the digital network of the German healthcare system and a platform for healthcare applications in the medical and care sectors. This enables fast but also secure and uncomplicated intersectoral communication between the individual players in the healthcare system. Until now, access to the TI has been exclusively using a connector that enables various interfaces to digital health applications. With a TI as a Service solution, a connector is still required, but it is operated and maintained in Arvato Systems' secure, redundant data center.

  • An identity provider describes a system that creates, secures, and manages digital identities. The IDP can authenticate user identities because it holds all identities, like a list of names.

    The identity provider is not the same as the service provider. People often can use their Apple ID or Google account to log in to other providers (e.g., Spotify or Vinted). Apple or Google take on the role of the IDP, Spotify, or Vinted that of the SP.

    Passwords, fingerprints, or Face ID can be used as authentication factors for an IDP.

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