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Arvato CSDB - secure and compliant

Easily switch to our IT solution

Are you looking for a serialization solution for your drug production or are you about to change your IT solution?

Then you've come to the right place: We support you in this complex project and offer you our proven solution in the form of the Arvato CSDB.

We are looking forward to hear from you.

Welcome to Arvato Systems!

Successfully Migrate to Arvato CSDB

Find out how you can easily and safely replace your existing serialization solution with the Arvato CSDB within a very short time - all the important information is presented for you in a compact and clear manner.

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Easily switch to our IT solution

Contact our experts directly - We are looking forward to hear from you!

Mandatory field

Successful In the Pharmaceutical Industry: This Selection of Customers Already Relies on the Proven Serialization Solution Arvato CSDB

Safety for patients

Aristo Pharma serializes with Arvato CSDB.


Application of the serialization solution Arvato CSDB at Basic Pharma.

Serialization: Efficient & Secure

Bausch & Lomb uses Arvato CSDB for serialization.

Delorbis Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Serialization in the pharmaceutical industry

Drug protection with the Arvato CSDB with Dr. Falk.

Protection for end users

Serialization for counterfeit protection: Arvato CSDB at Dr. Kade.

Counterfeit proof medicines

Implementation of Arvato CSDB - IT solution for successful drug serialization according to the Falsified Medicines Directive.

EU-FMD compliant

Genericon relies on serialization solution Arvato CSDB.

Safe Medicines

Serialization solution Arvato CSDB in use at Gerot Lannach.

In Less Than 8 Weeks to the New Serialization Solution

Horus Pharma changes serialization solution in record time

Compliant with the FMD

Arvato CSDB at Grünenthal.

In Less Than 8 Weeks to the New Serialization Solution

Horus Pharma changes serialization solution in record time

High safety requirements also in Spain

Our serialization solution Arvato CSDB in use at Laphysan.

Accurate Traceability of Medicines

medac with Arvato CSDB against counterfeit drugs.

Knowing where the drugs come from

Mylan successfully implemented serialization solution from Arvato Systems.

Drug Protection

Pharma Stulln serialized with the Arvato CSDB.

Serialization in dentistry

Counterfeit protection at Sigma Dental.

Medication safety

Successful serialization in medicine production with the help of Arvato CSDB.

Solution for Pharmaceutical Logistics

Arvato Systems uses logistics solution to fulfill FMD at Yusen Logistics.

Safe Medications

Wörwag Pharma uses the serialization solution Arvato CSDB.

Logo Horus Pharma
System Change: Migration in Less Than 8 Weeks

Focus Reference: Horus Pharma

Together with the Horus Pharma team, our specialists successfully replaced the legacy system for drug serialization with our proven and flexible solution Arvato CSDB (Software as a Service) within a few weeks.

Your Contact for Healthcare & Life Science

Pauline Poppensieker
Expert for Counterfeit Protection