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Career and Family

Flexibility if worse comes to worst


Work-Life Balance

We foster a corporate culture based on partnership and place the utmost value on balance in all life facets. We actively support our employees when it comes to balancing their professional and personal responsibilities.

The Arvato Systems ‘Family and Career’ program includes legal provisions such as maternity leave, parental allowance, parental leave, and care time and a range of additional measures such as:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Part-time work models
  • Home office opportunities
  • Unpaid vacation
  • Sabbaticals

Our flexible solutions provide employees with a sustainable way to help balance their individual work and family situations.

Care for the Little Ones

Flexible Day Care
Are you looking for high-quality daycare services for your children? At Arvato Systems, we see quality childcare and early childhood education as important responsibilities for the future. That is why we make it possible for you to balance your family with your professional life without being forced to choose one over the other.

Do you have children between the ages of four months and six years and are looking for suitable early education opportunities? Depending on your location, we help organize admission to local daycare centers or provide in-house childcare services. At our kindergarten facilities, we provide access to the newest educational methods and offer children instruction in foreign languages and music.

Back-Up Care
Even if your daycare plans have been made in advance, it is always possible for situations to arise, requiring you to make alternative arrangements at short notice. Based in a kindergarten operated by pme Familienservice, our backup care program allows you to rely on qualified staff to provide childcare services to accommodate your plans.

At some of our sites, we have set up special parent-child offices. That way, if need be, employees can bring their children to work with them. Besides offering employees a fully-equipped office space, these special offices also provide children with plenty of room to play.

Summer Camp
Summer vacation is not always the easiest time of year for parents. In many cases, their vacation time doesn’t line up with summer break at schools and daycares. Our various summer camp programs allow us to relieve parents and offer children something exciting to do during their summer break.

Support and Advice for Organizing the Care of Elderly Family Members
Are you concerned about providing support and care for the members of your family? Or are you worried that the responsibilities may become overwhelming? The Eldercare support and care concept helps you out while taking everyone’s needs into account. The focus is always on the person's satisfaction in need of care because satisfaction is key to determining whether elderly family members receive the support they need. Arvato Systems consults with you and organizes the services you need through pme Familienservice.

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