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Microsoft Viva Pulse Makes Your Employee Satisfaction Measurable

Recognize the needs and mood within your company with Viva Pulse

Viva Pulse - A Powerful Tool for Collecting and Analyzing the Concerns and Needs of Your Employees
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Employee cohesion and satisfaction are crucial metrics in a company. A healthy working atmosphere has a positive impact on motivation. But what constitutes a healthy working atmosphere and how can it be measured and analyzed? Viva Pulse is a tool that allows you to collect and evaluate overviews, trends and impulses from a wide range of areas and teams. In this article, you will learn more about how Viva Pulse works and the benefits it offers.

What Is Viva Pulse?

Viva Pulse is a tool of the Microsoft Viva Suite - the Employee Experience Platform from Microsoft. With the help of this Microsoft Teams app, you and your managers can create, track, and analyze internal company surveys on various topics. This allows you to identify current strengths and weaknesses in your company effectively. Viva Pulse will also enable you to track trends. For example, if you have identified a weakness in your company and decided on measures, you can use regular surveys to determine the effectiveness of these measures. Thanks to these functions, Viva Pulse provides you with a powerful tool for a wide range of internal company needs and concerns.

Why Viva Pulse Is a Game Changer for Companies

Employee feedback is a valuable building block for improving processes in the company and, therefore, contributes to a successful corporate culture. Many companies conduct regular employee satisfaction surveys. However, the organizational effort involved is usually so great that such surveys can only occur annually.


However, a lot can happen within a year. Due to selective workloads, project problems, or the introduction of new technologies, moods can vary significantly during this period. A tool with which short, anonymized, and statistically traceable surveys can be created quickly and easily, allows you to react to short-term developments and saves time and money.

How Viva Pulse Works

With "Viva Pulse", Microsoft now gives companies the perfect tool for efficiently mapping closely meshed and analyzable sentiment surveys. Research-supported survey templates in the Microsoft Teams app make it possible to quickly query the current mood within a team, a project, or the entire company. Viva Pulse provides templates for different needs:


You can customize these templates as you wish. You can change, delete or add your own questions.

You also have the option of creating your own surveys in a clearly structured mask.


You can address a wide variety of recipients and share surveys with different Teams channels or individuals, for example. It is important to note that the surveys are only evaluated once at least three responses have been received. This protects the anonymity of the participants.

The Viva Pulse administrator can increase the minimum number of answers required to up to 25. There is also the option of linking your own privacy policy.


Participants receive a notification about upcoming surveys via both Teams and Outlook. As soon as the period of the survey set by the survey creator has expired, the survey creator receives a notification about the completion of the survey and information about participation.

The Advantages of Viva Pulse

A key advantage of Viva Pulse is its flexibility. Viva Pulse can be used to quickly and clearly survey satisfaction with various issues in various groups of people. Thanks to the tool, managers can quickly determine where support is needed. The same also applies within the framework of a project.


Viva Learning is a valuable addition to Viva Pulse. Thanks to Viva Pulse, you can find out what your team's needs are and meet them with Viva Learning.

Like Viva Pulse, Viva Learning is part of the Microsoft Viva Suite. The tool provides your company with a clear platform on which you can provide your employees with both your own learning content and content from external learning providers (e.g. LinkedIn Learning, Coursera or Microsoft Learn).

The introduction of a tool such as Viva Pulse must of course be coordinated with all stakeholders and communicated and supported from the outset. To be able to send a "pulse", stakeholders need a separate Viva Pulse license. However, no additional license is required to provide feedback. Here, employees must lnly need to have an account in the client's Entra ID. Or simply put: they must be approved for the tool by IT.


In addition to Viva Pulse, Microsoft offers Viva Connections and Viva Engage, two other tools from the Viva platform for a better employee experience.

Arvato Systems - Your Reliable Partner for the Digitalization of Your Company

Arvato Systems is your IT specialist for the Microsoft Viva Suite. We support you in the successful implementation and realization of powerful tools such as Viva Pulse. Are you unsure whether and to what extent the app is worthwhile in your specific case? Then let our IT experts advise you. We can look back on many years of experience in the digitalization of a wide range of companies and can help you implement a Digital Workplace. Both at an advanced stage and from scratch.

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