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The IT Security Pandemic

Pandemic in the Shadow - IT Security in the Cloud

IT Security Pandemic

COVID-19 has influenced almost all areas of our lives and in some cases changed them drastically. The pandemic has also had a considerable impact on the need for and perception of IT and IT security: For example, large sections of the population have come to understand the relevance of data security. This became clear, for example, in the debates about the Corona warning app and digital vaccination cards in relation to health data and geotracking.

Companies and public institutions are increasingly relocating work and learning sites to the private sphere or to the home office . Many schools and businesses have developed ad hoc solutions for ongoing operations using digital tools and implemented them under time pressure. The companies' top priority was initially to keep operations running.

As a result, digital "stopgap" solutions for home offices and remote access were created in many places, which are not suitable for continuous operation - especially in terms of security. As the overall situation lasts longer, it is time to transform these "emergency solutions" into stable secure solutions - a difficult task in itself.

Bild2_IT-Security Pandemie

The IT security pandemic in the shadow of the pandemic

With digitalization intensified by the pandemic, the digital space is becoming increasingly attractive for cyber criminals as well. The Corona pandemic acts as a catalyst here: it has a reinforcing effect on the trend of increasing cybercrime and accelerates it . Fittingly, the media are talking about a "cyber pandemic" here.

Analogously, other terms that we know well are also adapted: For example, there is talk of incidences when it comes to successful cyber attacks in relation to possible attack targets. Changes and mutations of pathogens are compared with the adaptations and changed tools and methods of cyber criminals.

There are even symptomless progressions in IT security: the "host" (computer, network, company, ...) only serves as a propagator until a target is infected, where the criminals can strike and thus smell prey. 

Protection against "pandemic-driving" systems is very difficult here. Once a system is infected, it is uncertain where deceptive backdoors may have been built in.

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Written by

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