Marketing Automation With SAP Emarsys

Develop one-time buyers into loyal regular customers

Email Marketing for Strong Customer Loyalty

Around 80 percent of Germans, i.e. around 67 million peoplesend and receive emails. According to the Email Marketing Benchmarks 2024, 99% of the more than 5,000 companies surveyed in the DACH region are active in email marketing. However, only a good two thirds of companies address their recipients personally in a mailing or newsletter. This gives companies the opportunity to leverage the potential of strategically sound and professionally implemented email marketing - both in B2C and B2B. Against this backdrop, the SAP-integrated Omnichannel Customer Engagement Platform Emarsys, which is integrated with SAP, is becoming an enabler of automated customer loyalty in a class of its own.

9 Good Reasons for Marketing Automation With Sap Emarsys


Recognize the wishes and needs of your customers and personalize your communication.


Identify your customers across all touchpoints and address them individually.


Detect trends as well as micro-segments and adapt your marketing strategy effectively.


Generate relevant additional information in real time and expand customer profiles automatically.


Adapt content individually and provide your customers with unique customer experiences.


Evaluate existing campaign datain real time and optimize your measures in a targeted manner.


Enable your marketing team to generate more leads and improve conversion rates.


Speed up campaign setup by accessing predefined "tactics" and templates.


Process sensitive data in compliance with the law and establish yourself as a trustworthy provider.

Because Good Tactics Get You There Faster

Planning a tailor-made email marketing campaign, creating it in the marketing automation solution and successfully implementing can be quite challenging, depending on its complexity. To avoid wasting valuable time with the setup, SAP Emarsys offers a variety of use cases - from lead acquisition, real-time cart abandonment and joining a loyalty program - more than 60 preconfigured campaign routes including adaptable content templates: the so-called "tactics". Define the desired goal, select the appropriate use case, adapt your tactics if necessary and experience how an AI-supported algorithm plans your entire email marketing campaign - formally, over time and across channels.

Personalized Email Marketing Has Never Been So Easy

Fine-grained customer segmentation

Recognize the wishes of your target groups and fulfill them with tailor-made content for defined customer groups.

Great planning security

Coordinate different campaigns optimally with each other and thus unleash the full potential of your e-mail marketing.

Integrated data analysis and use

Rely on existing analysis tools and directly generated real-time data for campaign planning and implementation.

AI-based processes

Use AI, for example, to determine the optimal dispatch time, for A/B testing and for reporting and analysis.

Connection to third-party systems

Connect SAP Emarsys not only with other SAP cloud solutions, but also with relevant third-party systems.

Cross-channel consistency

Expand your communication into integrated channels such as SMS, websites, push notifications, apps and in-store systems.

Loyalty program

Keep in touch with your regular customers by email and reward loyalty with attractive discount and bonus campaigns.

Customer recovery

Win back lost customers by providing them with tailored offers and lucrative discounts via email.

Analog mailings

Create customized print mailings in SAP Emarsys and initiate the dispatch directly via a third-party provider.

Data-driven campaign optimization

Establish an iterative improvement process by using campaign data for continuous optimization.

Clear dashboard

Monitor the success of your mailing campaigns with a central, customizable and intuitive dashboard.

Maximum scalability

Leverage modular cloud infrastructure, efficient data processing and marketing automation capabilities for a robust architecture so you can focus on your core business.

Our Offer for Your Marketing Automation With SAP Emarsys

Consulting and needs analysis

Implementation and integration

Marketing as a Service

Consulting and needs analysis

Together, we analyze your communication needs and discuss how your e-mail marketing should be strategically aligned and operationally implemented. We take your IT system landscape and existing data sources into consideration. The result: a tailor-made concept and individual recommendations for action.

Implementation and integration

The way in which we integrate the SAP Emarsys add-on into your IT infrastructure depends on your specific requirements. We can optionally link Emarsys not only with the SAP Sales Cloud, SAP Service Cloud and SAP Commerce Cloud, but also with third-party solutions, such as your CRM system.

Marketing as a Service

We manage your marketing, you focus on your core business. We define targeted tactics, translate them into customized campaigns, set up your individual dashboard, design the templates provided in your corporate design, monitor the success of your email marketing and much more.

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