SAP Analytics Cloud

A Powerful Tool for Efficient Corporate Management and Planning

What Is SAP Analytics Cloud (Sac)?


SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) is a powerful cloud-based business analytics solution for reporting and planning company-specific key figures and data. It supports decision makers and business departments to understand complex business data and provides insights into current business information. With AI-powered planning, standardized machine learning procedures, and state-of-the-art visualizations, SAC provides all the tools needed to identify trends early and make predictions. The SAP Analytics Cloud thus enables companies to achieve results faster and to make informed decisions.

As a certified expert for the SAP Business Technology Platform, Arvato Systems supports you in implementing the SAP Analytics Cloud. With many years of experience in SAP-specific projects for business intelligence and corporate planning, our cross-functional consulting and development team provides you with comprehensive support.

Features of the SAP Analytics Cloud

The SAP Analytics Cloud offers a multifunctional platform for the complete and efficient processing of data. It thus supports decision-making and forecasting of strategic future scenarios. The functions of the SAP Analytics Cloud include:

Data modeling

Within the self-service function of data modeling, heterogeneous data can be linked together to meet an individual question. This includes the definition of metrics, dimensions and hierarchical relations as well as transaction analyses. This makes it easy to pose complex queries and access answers in real time.

Data preparation

The data preparation feature focuses on the methodical collection, linking and structuring of information from multiple source systems. This process offers the possibility to retrieve all necessary information faster and at the same time to consume it smoothly via different systems. 


In addition, SAP Analytics Cloud offers advanced and innovative methodologies for forecasting future scenarios and identifying patterns in large data collections by applying machine learning, predictive and what-if analytics. This enables companies to gain deep insights and make informed decisions for the future.

Data evaluation and data visualization

The subsequent evaluation and visualization of the data allows all relevant information to be displayed in a stratified manner with the help of dashboards, stories, reports and explorative analyses. The results can be visualized in the form of tables, graphs or maps: Decision-makers and business departments can immediately understand intuitively what is emerging from the data sets.

The Use of SAP Analytics Cloud in Corporate Management and Planning

SAP Analytics Cloud can be used flexibly within corporate management and, unlike other established reporting tools, extends its functionality to include corporate planning. From financial reporting or budget planning to personnel or material planning, there are no limits. Some examples are:

  • The SAP Analytics Cloud offers the possibility to set up finance-specific planning figures with the help of predefined forecasting techniques and to constantly keep track of this data through real-time visualization. The automated creation of reporting dashboards and planning reports supports financial managers in the implementation of internal control and planning processes. The SAC provides insights into overarching processes and thus generates more intelligent future decisions. In short, the SAP Analytics Cloud can be used to relieve financial managers in the reporting and planning of their key financial figures and thus increase the success of the company.

  • SAC provides analysis and insight into all key planning activities required for organizational budget planning. By applying intelligent prediction models, automated calculations and dynamic visualizations, corresponding key figures are intelligently planned. The tool allows for the planning of any hierarchical cost structure and can also take into account the finest cost centers. The application companies are provided with accurate forecasts for their budget and expenditure categories and cost saving potentials can be realized. An integrated simulation technology allows users to map different budgeting scenarios - ideal for companies aiming for a flexible budget system.

  • SAP Analytics Cloud also provides companies with a range of functionalities to support them in material planning. These include, for example, various forecast scenarios for material consumption or the delivery times of necessary resources. In addition, SAP Analytics Cloud can be used to analyze the effects of price and exchange rate changes on the purchase of raw materials. Using the data mining tool, patterns in sales data can be identified, enabling companies to improve their material demand forecasting. Planning reports provide a detailed picture of inventory levels and order patterns, enabling companies to plan more efficiently.

  • Using advanced analytics tools and technologies, better workforce planning decisions can be made. SAC gathers data from heterogeneous sources to generate a better understanding of specific aspects of workforce needs. This research integrates examining trends in demographic characteristics, comparing the cost-effectiveness of simulated approaches, and modeling the impact of different workforce configurations on productivity and turnover. By predicting future demand for qualified personnel, SAC assists in the efficient deployment of human resources.

Technical Requirements

The SAP Analytics Cloud is used and administered web-based regardless of whether the data sources are in the cloud or managed on-premise. Data stocks from SAP and non-SAP source systems can be made usable without having to implement complex technologies or programs. Furthermore, the SAC can also be integrated directly with SAP S/4HANA - so it is not only an automated solution for other SAP applications, but also provides real-time information about the overall business.

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