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Management of Production and Logistics Partners

Subcontracting with SAP® und platbricks

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Being able to deliver exactly the right goods in exactly the right quantity, adapted to customer-specific requirements is an immense pressure for manufacturing companies.

Particularly in seasonal or highly volatile markets, this undertaking can prove difficult as companies become increasingly automated. Retrofitting or even changing the company's own systems usually takes too long and involves additional costs. Furthermore, order peaks cannot always be covered in terms of personnel and space.

Integration of Production Or Logistics Partners

Against the background of these challenges, many companies integrate external partners with special know-how for the execution of logistics and/or production processes into their operational procedures. To keep full transparency about the stocks and production progress at the external partner, high efforts in the area of system integration are often necessary. Either systems have to be connected with each other or the service provider has to be integrated into the own SAP® system; a time and cost-intensive issue and certainly not suitable for every logistics partner.

So what to do if the production or logistics partner is only to be connected for a short period of time to cover peaks? Or if they do not have the technical requirements for system integration?

Transparency and Efficiency by the Combination Of SAP® and platbricks


Our Microsoft Azure based cloud solution platform platbricks in combination with SAP® provides a fast, uncomplicated and cost-effective way to connect logistics and production service providers to SAP® systems via standard interfaces . The data reported by platbricks are transmitted in real time to the SAP® system. In the extended Arvato Systems Subcontracting Cockpit these are clearly displayed. This not only provides clarity about the progress of the manufacturing process but also leads to an improved ability to act in the supply chain.

Benefit From Increased Transparency Along the Process Chain

Planning reliability and ability to act in the supply chain
Reduction of the necessary communication outside the SAP® system
No direct access to the SAP® system by external parties
Maintaining a high scalability
Cost transparency due to pay-per-use pricing model

Perfect Control at the Service Provider, From Goods Receipt to Goods Issue

As shown in the process flow, the goods movements and the production confirmations are returned to the SAP® system by platbricks. The single confirmation points, which should be visible in the SAP® system, can be detailed according to the requirements. At any time in SAP®, both the provid-ed stocks and the production progress of the service providers are visible. In this way, restocking deliveries, but also outbound deliveries to the own companies or directly to the customer can be planned safely.

Subcontracting with SAP® and platbricks

Core Functions

Subcontracting Cockpit

platbricks Platform

Arvato Systems' Subcontracting Cockpit in SAP®

  • Transparent display of the production progress    
  • Traffic light functionality to indicate critical orders
  • Graphical depiction of the current overall situation
  • Starting point for follow-up actions 

platbricks Platform

  • Cloud-based, scalable solution that enables a quick start with the necessary security 
  • Very short familiarization period due to the use of intuitive devices
  • Minimal training required
  • Standard interfaces to the SAP® system
  • Enterprise resource planning and production confirmation by the service provider

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Jan Lehmann
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Michael Dreimann
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