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NAVOO Intranet

Your employees always correctly and relevantly informed - target group-oriented and up-to-date

Challenges in Internal Communication
Our Solution: NAVOO® Intranet
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Internal Communication With NAVOO® Intranet

Intranet only includes the weekly menu and outdated information that nobody reads anymore anyway? Not quite right, because corporate communication contributes a lot to how your employees perceive your company and can have a positive impact on productivity.

With NAVOO® Intranet you inform your employees in a target group-oriented way - at the right time and in the right place. Based on SharePoint Online, NAVOO® Intranet extends the standard features of Microsoft 365 and offers exactly what internal communication is all about: personalized relevant content, numerous channels, and smart publishing processes.

Challenges in Internal Communication

Often, an information platform such as the intranet becomes an unused repository due to a lack of or inadequate structure and management of content. In the worst case, misleading or misplaced information leads to lost time or errors in work processes, as well as employee dissatisfaction. So how do you ensure that your company's intranet is a constructive source of information? To do this, there are some basic questions to consider:

  • Does the right target group receive the content intended for them without detours?
  • Does content appear in the right place at the right time?
  • Is the content understandable for the relevant target group and, in particular, available in the right language?
  • Is the content sensibly structured and easy for employees to find?

Our Solution: NAVOO® Intranet

The browser-based intranet solution from our NAVOO® SaaS platform enables you to provide relevant information in a structured, target group-specific and timely manner and to increase the productivity of your teams through efficient communication.

Personalization & Target Groups

With NAVOO Intranet you personalize specific content based on the language, role and interest of your employees. Thus, you realize a targeted communication and an efficient knowledge exchange within the company.

Multilingualism & Multi Geo

Depending on the location and personal attributes of your employees, NAVOO Intranet localizes your content while ensuring country-specific specifications for release processes and data storage.

Corporate Layout

NAVOO Intranet allows you to visually design your intranet, aligned with your corporate design, and thus supports a consistent appearance of your company - also internally. Our experts implement your corporate layout according to Microsoft specifications, so that annoying adjustments due to updates are not necessary.

Publishing process

With smart configurations for publishing and validating your content, NAVOO Intranet ensures a quality flow of information. For your editorial team, this means being able to individually define the time and place of publication.

Channels & Tools

With NAVOO Intranet, your employees decide for themselves via which information channels they receive content. Whether by mail or Microsoft Teams, via the desktop or directly on the smartphone - NAVOO Intranet integrates a wide range of devices and applications from the Digital Workplace with Microsoft 365.

Search portals

With just a few clicks, your employees create search-based dashboards and get all relevant information at a glance. With intelligent and individually adjustable filter functions, NAVOO Intranet provides all users with quick access and an optimal overview of exactly the content they need: From documents and list content to personalized news and web pages to Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Site Collections.

Always Reliably Informed


A desktop PC is not always within reach for all employees - which is why NAVOO® Intranet also offers a mobile app in addition to the browser-based solution. Using the intranet app, you can provide employees with reliable and targeted information even when they are on the move or at workplaces without a desk. For the secure handling of company information, it is up to you which information is made available to your employees via the mobile app and whether a VPN connection is required for access.

With the NAVOO® Intranet App, you realize the highest level of accessibility: your content is distributed via the browser-based intranet, Microsoft SharePoint, teams, emails, or PUSH notifications within the app. At the same time, you can increase the acceptance of your internal corporate communications by playing out information in a way that is tailored to the target group.

At Arvato Systems, we will be happy to advise you on all aspects of your internal communication strategy and directly consider topics such as security and mobile device management.

Your Added Value With NAVOO® Intranet

Targeted information flow and customizable dashboards
Scheduled publishing workflows
Adaptation to corporate identity
Tailored change and adoption processes
Cost and time savings thanks to predefined templates
High user acceptance due to simple and user-specific usability
Quick retrieval of information through customizable filter and menu settings

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Frequently Asked Questions About NAVOO® Intranet

  • When you build an intranet with NAVOO, you don't start from scratch. NAVOO Intranet provides central units with specific web pages and menu items that an intranet classically integrates, for example, Human Resources, Corporate Communications, Finance, Global Divisions or General News. Starting from this foundation, you build your intranet according to your ideas. For new web pages, you can use predefined templates to ensure a common thread.

  • The NAVOO Intranet App can be linked to your company's security strategy via mobile device management. This allows you to tie the installation of the app to conditions that increase data security. For example, it is possible to allow the app only on devices that have a specific software version or require a minimum four-digit pin code for authentication.

  • Yes, all modules of our SaaS platform NAVOO can be booked independently of each other - including NAVOO Intranet. You decide which modules you need according to your individual requirements. And should you later be interested in further NAVOO modules, the entire platform is coordinated with each other and thus expandable.

  • The name of our integrated SaaS platform NAVOO is made up of word parts of the terms NAVigation, Orchestration, and Organization - because that's what NAVOO is all about. An intelligent, automated, and enterprise-wide control of your relevant content.

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