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The Handy Features of NAVOO at a Glance

NAVOO offers an entire range of other features for greater efficiency and a more comfortable working experience

NAVOO Solves Every Challenge

UI/intranet, governance, and provisioning are important areas in companies that must operate at their best. NAVOO provides you with the right solution to meet all your requirements.


Flexible Layout

Create your modern and conventional SharePoint sites, apps, settings, and web parts with a responsive, customizable, and consistent layout, and use layout configuration settings for modern websites.


Customizable and search-based navigation is available for your global and local content. It is easy to operate thanks to central maintenance dialogs with numerous configuration and display options, including a connection to Office Graph.

Layout Settings

You can customize settings for top-level navigation, page footers, and the placement of layout elements and assets within specific page areas.

Quick Search

You can find the content you need instantly using the configurable quick search feature on any website. Content categories are predefined by search restrictions.

Enterprise News

Metadata and page layout are designed for the maintenance of corporate messages. This also includes numerous settings, customization, and visualization options.

Service & Apps

Intelligent app and link lists are maintained and integrated. There are options for configuring an app center, determining favorites, and categorizing.

Search Templates

There are numerous layout templates available for visualizing search results and search restrictions for a wide variety of content types.


It is easy to build search-driven websites using a central, comprehensive search web part. It is also possible to link search results to various search templates.

Web Parts and Apps

Use additional apps and web parts with numerous layout templates, for example, to display diagrams, KPIs, contact persons, visual page profiles, and more.

Quick View

Get quick views including document previews for a variety of SharePoint content types such as images, documents, discussions, tasks, appointments, etc., and configure views for your own content types.

Target Group Web Parts

Work is facilitated by applying additional web part settings for target groups based on language, location, or other Azure AD attributes.

Customer Templates

It is possible to quickly implement new use cases with ready-made collections and website templates as examples and templates. Both conventional and modern website templates are available.


Permission Manager

Maintain, check, and enforce global policies for permissions for SharePoint site collections, lists and libraries, groups, and teams. To do so, site owners can apply the dual control principle and make use of workflows.

Site Lifecycle

You can check site collections, teams, and groups and evaluate various triggers such as content currency, external approvals, or security. It is also possible to perform configurable actions such as integrating decision-makers and website owners via the workflow.

Content Prioritization

Relevant content is reclassified on a regular basis so it is taken into consideration by the SharePoint search.

Monitor and Report

There are various tools for checking and monitoring governance settings available, including external approvals, site metadata, permissions levels, and content currency.

UI Guide and Control

The SharePoint frontend is protected against unauthorized and unwanted access. Site collection management settings used by site collection owners have been streamlined and managed.

Self-service Workflows

Authorized users can configure self-service workflows for influencing governance settings. Some of the features are (temporary) adjustment of permissions levels, deletion of sites, and activation of external access.

Directory Templates

There are central templates for directory structures within document libraries available. In addition, metadata inheritance is configured for pre-qualification of content.

Global Audiences

You can define global audiences based on dedicated users or Azure AD groups. Site content such as navigation and reporting is saved using globally valid settings.


There are configurable forms for different use cases such as security notices or the first-time use of certain features and notices for confirmation by the user, in addition to configurable forms.

Feature Templates

You can use the global settings to manage the SharePoint features/apps provided to a user.

External User Center

Authorized employees can manage dedicated guest users using an Office 365 app. There is a mentoring concept for this, including the expiration of permissions according to defined deadlines and in compliance with workflows.

Document Templates

Globally available document templates such as protocols are defined centrally. The templates can be added to any library at the push of a button.


Site Templates

You can create entire page templates from conventional and modern SharePoint features at the click of a mouse. In the process, websites, list contents, documents, and predefined permissions are taken into account. You save the templates through approval workflows and permissions.

Groups / Teams

Groups (Share Mailbox, AD) and teams (Chat, Skype) are automatically created and can also be added as options to existing sites. Global naming conventions and visibility settings (compliance) are taken into account.

Provisioning Engine

The job engine, which is based on the PnP provisioning framework, offers numerous additional features, bug fixes, and customizations compared to the PnP standard. For this purpose, we have gone through a development phase lasting many years and built up the knowhow of our team of experts.

Global Specifications

Naming conventions are adhered to when creating sites, teams, and groups. The URL, site title, and shared mailbox addresses, if any, are also taken into account. You also have the ability to retrieve user information from Azure AD.


Configurable forms allow you to commission a site creation based on different templates. You can select governance options and additional features such as groups or teams to do so. Assign and check first-time permissions on the sites to be created.

Site Metadata

Site profiles for the classification of sites and their contents are maintained. Metadata for each site template is freely configurable using standard SharePoint features and can be evaluated within search and monitoring.

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