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For efficient communication between your employees and with external partners, we at Arvato Systems rely on the messaging solution Microsoft Exchange Online.

Mailboxes in the Cloud: Microsoft Exchange Online as an Intelligent Solution

According to a forecast by the Radicati Group from April 2021, the sending and receiving of e-mails will rise to 376.4 billion e-mails per day worldwide by 2025. This represents an increase of almost 18 percent in just four years. The emails that companies send and receive internally and externally usually contain important information about business activities. Data loss due to inadequate protection of your mailboxes against external attacks or technical problems can result in high costs and pose major obstacles to your business activities.

Microsoft Exchange Online protects your cloud-based email mailboxes with intelligent filtering features, provides advanced DLP (Data Loss Prevention) technologies, and ensures access to your email at all times. We will explain to you what other features Microsoft Exchange 365 offers and what advantages cloud-based mailboxes provide for you. As an experienced hosting provider, we know all the necessary migration tools to migrate your existing mailboxes to the cloud securely, professionally and without data loss. 

This Is Why Microsoft Exchange Online Is Also Worthwhile for Your Company

Work from anywhere

Microsoft Exchange Online is worthwhile in any work environment, whether stationary at the company location or remotely from the home office and on the road with a stable Internet connection. With Microsoft Exchange Online, you can access your e-mail, calendar and contacts at any time and from any location.

Working under high compliance requirements

The data you send, receive, and store via email, both internally and externally, is of great importance to your business in any case. Microsoft Exchange Online protects your mailboxes from data loss and unauthorized access with anti-malware and anti-spam filters, as well as advanced DLP technologies.

Working in a dynamic work environment

Is your company growing steadily and rapidly? With a dynamic number of employees, the maintenance effort and the adjustment of server capacities are high for your IT department. With Microsoft Exchange Online, you relieve your IT staff thanks to automated patching and flexible scalability of mailboxes.

Challenges Around Messaging Services

The requirements for a smart solution for e-mails, scheduling and task management are high: In addition to a sufficient size of the mailboxes, the solution should also enable collaborative work. Shared access to mailboxes is particularly relevant for limiting the risk of loss of information and time in the event of unplanned work stoppages. The implementation of the company's internal compliance guidelines and the legal requirements for archiving electronic documents must also be ensured. In addition, the migration process poses a high risk of data loss in the event of a change of provider or transformation to the cloud without professional expertise.

Exchange Online With Microsoft 365 and Arvato Systems

Azure Virtual Desktop mit Microsoft 365 und Arvato Systems

Access the structured and intelligent solution for your business communication of Microsoft 365 with us. With Exchange Online, Microsoft offers a comprehensive cloud application for your emails and calendars as well as your contact and task management. The cloud-based mailboxes allow users to work flexibly and efficiently - from any device and from anywhere there is a stable internet connection.  

As a long-standing Microsoft Gold Partner, we have professional know-how when it comes to migrating your mailboxes. Together with you, we develop an individual concept for the integration of Microsoft Exchange Online into your Modern Workplace. In doing so, we take into account your goals and requirements among the possibilities and best practices of Exchange Online and Microsoft 365. We know the processes exactly and migrate your emails securely and without data loss to the cloud. 


Your Individual and Demand-Oriented Exchange Online Integration

As part of a preliminary workshop, our workplace experts will advise you in detail on your options with Microsoft Exchange Online. For a meaningful implementation recommendation and cost estimate, we highlight the following points, among others:

Analysis of the Actual Situation

Key Figures Recording

Elaboration of Alternatives

Inclusion of Further Overarching Themes

Together with you, our experts analyze your existing infrastructure. In doing so, we take into account which accesses are already given and how the infrastructure is distributed in your company. In addition, we include existing third-party software in our analysis.

Recording key figures This includes, among other things, the archiving system of Exchange Online. In addition, we evaluate possible third-party solutions that may be relevant for your migration and future backup.

Your existing infrastructure may already provide a good basis for Exchange Online. If the existing software is not "cloud-compatible", we will show you possible alternatives and work out an optimal solution for your company.

An intelligent solution for your email, calendar, contacts and tasks is usually accompanied by other important overlapping or interlocking issues. These include, for example, network, security and governance solutions. Our experts take all your requirements and, if necessary, separate the topics from each other to provide you with the best possible solution for all areas.

Advantages of Exchange Online With Arvato Systems

High level of expertise in cloud technologies as a multi-cloud provider
Flexible adaptation to your requirements through an individual consulting approach
Familiar interface for your e-mails thanks to integration with Outlook
Secure and device-independent communication thanks to integrated spam and virus filters 
Focus on operational business activities in the IT department thanks to automated patching
Integration with related topics such as network, security and governance
High level of customer focus, security and reliability

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Frequently Asked Questions About Microsoft Exchange Online

  • Microsoft Exchange Online is a hosted messaging solution from the Microsoft 365 package for your email, calendar, contact and task management. For your cloud-based mailboxes, the application offers security features such as anti-malware, spam filtering and DLP. Exchange Online offers integration with Outlook, so you can keep your familiar user interface.

  • Microsoft Exchange Online allows your employees to exchange information intelligently and efficiently with each other as well as with customers, suppliers and partners. In addition, Exchange Online relieves your IT departments of maintenance and support thanks to automated patching and reliable availability.

  • Microsoft Exchange Online maps the same functions as Microsoft Exchange. The only difference: Exchange Online, unlike Exchange, provides the functions as part of Microsoft 365 as a cloud-based application.

  • When migrating your mailboxes, there is a high risk of loss for relevant company data. As a long-standing hosting provider, Arvato Systems has extensive expertise in migrating your mailboxes to the cloud securely, reliably and without data loss.

  • Microsoft offers a flexible monthly licensing model for Exchange Online, so you can adjust your capacities individually to the number of users. If your company grows continuously, this is no problem for Exchange Online: Simply book additional mailboxes to your license.

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