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Azure Virtual Desktop

We at Arvato Systems rely on the best solution from the Microsoft Azure Cloud! 

Virtualized Desktop Environments in the Cloud

The trend is clear: Gartner has been forecasting a constant increase for many years - most recently by around 30 percent for 2022 - for the virtual desktop market. And Gartner is right! Agility, speed, and reduced costs are just some of the benefits that Virtual Desktop Infrastructure can offer users. We explain what else Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) offers and how to make the most of your virtual desktop environments with Microsoft's cloud-based service. With new functionalities, high cost-effectiveness, and additional compliance support, Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) promise many advantages for deploying modern, virtual desktop environments.

As an experienced partner for managed hosting services, we at Arvato Systems have many years of expertise in providing and operating virtual desktops. We combine our experience as a VDI hoster with our Microsoft competencies to offer you the best Desktop as a Service (DaaS) offering. Azure Virtual Desktop from the Microsoft Azure Cloud may still be known to you under the old name Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) - but regardless of the name: Our workplace experts will guide you through the virtualization of your desktop and your applications and together we will exploit the full efficiency potential.

Azure Virtual Desktop Use Cases

Working under high compliance requirements

Virtual desktops are particularly useful in environments with high-security requirements, as they can optimally comply with individual compliance requirements and prevent unintentional data transfer to the outside. Home office is a typical application scenario that enables secure work even on remote end devices thanks to virtual desktops.

Working in a dynamic working environment

Virtual desktops are profitable when the number of users is dynamic or limited in time, as there is no need to purchase new hardware. For companies, this can mean significant cost savings. They also simplify the mobile workday by connecting external users to the company network much more efficiently and quickly while at the same time better managing high technical requirements.

Working on the move

With a virtual desktop infrastructure, you have the unique advantage that you can continue working exactly where you left off, regardless of the device. Virtual desktops support you in working on the road - at any time and anywhere with a stable Internet connection. 

Challenges Around Your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

One challenge when integrating a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is computing power. For a VDI, you need, above all, a data center that guarantees stable performance. On the other hand, the provision of individual user profiles is associated with high technical complexity. The risk of incorrect licensing due to operating systems and access types can also be increased.

Solutions for Your Virtual Desktop

Azure Virtual Desktop

Join us in accessing the Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) infrastructure. AVD is a cloud-based service from Microsoft for virtualizing desktops and applications. By deploying infrastructure in a highly automated manner from Microsoft's Azure cloud platform, AVD reduces the risks mentioned above. With AVD you use your modern workplace as optimized as possible. 

Hybride Virtual Desktop

Do you already have a Citrix VDI or Workplace solution? We seamlessly connect your existing IT landscape with Azure Virtual Desktop so that you benefit from the best hybrid solution with Citrix and AVD. Your advantage: We advise you on which hybrid virtual desktop solution is best for you and take into account, among other things, existing licenses

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We advise you on the right options and accompany you on your way into the modern office working world.

Our Services for Your Azure Virtual Desktop

And how can we help you virtualize your desktop environment? We offer you all services around Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and Azure Virtual Desktop from a single source. It is important to us to be available to you as a partner throughout the entire process - from consulting to commissioning.



Migration & Network Connection


Don't you know whether a change of strategy to virtual desktops from the cloud is worthwhile for you? We will be happy to advise you and work with you to exploit the potential of your applications to the fullest!

In consultation with you, we create an architectural design suitable for you, which we expand in the next step. The architecture design can occur in your tenant or a tenant specially provided by us, whose operation we naturally also take over.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the provision of virtual desktops, we can provide you with the best possible support during integration and integrate the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure environments into your existing network.

We provide you with an Azure Virtual Desktop environment as a turnkey service. You can completely transfer the operation of your virtual desktop applications to us. Learn more about our Managed Services in the Workplace Enterprise Suite!

Frequently asked questions about Desktop as a Service and Azure Virtual Desktop

  • With Desktop as a Service, you gain more time for your operational business activities. With DaaS, you not only outsource your hardware and software to us as an external provider. You also place the management of your devices in our hands. You and your employees work more time-, resources- and cost-efficient with DaaS. 

  • With Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), you get all the benefits that desktop virtualization can contain. AVD runs on all your endpoints and is usable regardless of your operating system. All your applications and desktops are consolidated into one easy-to-use interface. The best thing about AVD is that you continue working where you left off, regardless of the device.

  • As a traditional hosting provider, we at Arvato Systems have provided virtual desktops to our customers for many years - VDI is integrated into our hosting packages. Our many years of experience in the provision and operation of virtual desktops and our strong Microsoft expertise, which is expressed in our Gold partnership, make us the best partner for your VDI.

  • Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is the old name for Azure Virtual Desktop. In June 2021, Microsoft changed the name of the Virtual Desktop. With the name change from WVD to AVD, Microsoft has further developed the Virtual Desktop. Among other things, AVD supports several new interfaces to other Office and Azure applications. 

  • You can use Azure Virtual Desktop through various licensing models. Often, our customers already have suitable license models for Desktop as a Service solutions. To ensure that you do not acquire excessive licenses, we advise you individually, considering your requirements and existing licenses.

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