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Michael Neukirch Ansprechpartner für Robotic Process Automation
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Hyperautomation Compass

Identify your automation potential with our free Self Checking Tool and receive comprehensive recommendations for action

Download Hyperautomation Self Checking Tool now

Evaluate your hyperautomation potential and get valuable recommendations for action to increase the efficiency of your company ! 

Increase your company's efficiency and performance with hyperautomation! Download our free Hyperautomation Compass and perform a comprehensive assessment to find out how well your company is positioned on the road to hyperautomation. We'll then provide you with valuable recommendations for action as you take your next steps toward hyperautomation.


Why Hyperautomation?

Hyperautomation enables companies to automate their business processes by combining technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning, and process automation. By using hyperautomation, you can optimize your operations, reduce costs, increase competitiveness, and ultimately be more flexible to new market situations.

The Hyperautomation Compass

Our Hyperautomation Self Checking Tool allows you to assess your organization's current state with regard to hyperautomation. The tool contains a comprehensive list of questions and assessment criteria to help you identify your automation potential and bottlenecks. The assessment covers several aspects, including:

Automation capabilities and technologies
Data availability and quality
Process optimization and flexibility

How Does the Hyperautomation Compass Work?

  1. Download the Hyperautomation Self Checking Tool for free.

  2. Conduct the assessment with your team by answering the questions and submitting your ratings.

  3. Analyze the result and drive your hyperautomation strategy with the actions we suggest.

Start assessing your hyperautomation capabilities today and take your business processes to the next level!

Your Contacts for Hyperautomation

Michael Neukirch Ansprechpartner für Robotic Process Automation
Michael Neukirch
Expert for Hyperautomation
Marc Hübner - Arvato Systems
Marc Hübner
Expert for Hyperautomation