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Sales Forecasts for Cruise Shops

Price, assortment and logistics optimization using smart sales forecasts

Price, Assortment and Logistics Optimization Using Smart Sales Forecasts

Managing cruise shops is much more complex than stationary retail. An Arvato Systems AI solution ensures that shops on cruise are stocked with the right products in the right quantities and it supports the most efficient logistics planning.

Project Overview

Initial Situation

Shop operators on cruise ships are confronted with challenging conditions that require good planning. The limited storage space and delivery options during the tour must be optimally exploited. Significantly fluctuating product demand depending on the itinerary and stop makes planning complex.


Machine learning is used to predict and plan the expected sales of each shop product per cruise.  


Arvato Systems is developing a solution that uses historical data and algorithms to calculate forecasts for the demand of individual products during a cruise. From this the optimal assort-ment can be derived and additional deliveries can be optionally planned during the tour.


No product passports
Optimum utilisation of the storage area
Efficient logistics

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