Fast Manuscript Evaluation Thanks to AI

Manuscript Insights

Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes it easier for people to carry out complex and small steps in many areas. Manuscript Insights provides editors with a quick overview of existing texts. The service provides relevant information at a glance and gives a first impression of a manuscript.

Manuscript Insights analyzes documents with regard to acting persons and places, the relationship of these entities to each other, the complexity of the text as well as the relationship between direct and indirect speech. The graphical representation of the results, enriched by a sentiment analysis (mood recognition), supports editors in their initial assessment of the manuscript.

Case Overview

Background Situation

Thousands of manuscripts have to be read and evaluated by people in the editing department of international book publishers. This process is extremely time-consuming, even for experienced editors.  


Implementation of an AI-supported service that supports faster evaluation of manuscripts. 


Arvato Systems has quickly developed an analysis platform for manuscript texts using Artificial Intelligence. This provides relevant information to facilitate the initial evaluation of a manuscript through, for example, relationship analyses of protagonists, sentiment analysis, and much more.


Manuscript data at a glance
Faster manuscript evaluation
Greater process efficiency
Increased comparability through uniform metrics

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