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Efficient Warehouse Management with Chatbots

Intelligent language assistant with automated question answering

Receiving, collecting and assigning data and information within logistics processes is essential for daily supply chain business. The speed of information transfer is becoming more and more important.

Our "Digital intelligent Warehouse Assistant" DiWA is a logistics chatbot and enables the fast and intuitive provision of the desired information.

Project Overview

Background Situation

Logistics managers need precise information in the shortest possible time in order to make the right operational and tactical decisions. Navigating through different systems or other barriers to information retrieval, such as missing authorizations for certain systems, are often time-consuming when searching for information.


Generation of and access to relevant and valuable information in real time in a form that can be used by logistics managers.


The Logistics Information Wizard (DiWA) enables an automated form of communication between man and system and is able to provide information on the following queries, such as order status in the warehouse, transport status (track & trace), capacity utilization in the warehouse, performance queries, and warehouse availability in customer service. The intelligent software learns with time and can link different data sources to recognize the context and provide dynamically information about the queries. Even spelling or syntax errors are no problem.


Better transparency of logistics processes
Information can be retrieved anywhere, even with mobile devices
Intuitive operability
Linking of different data sources
Enables 24/7/365 services

Further Fields of Application

In the foreseeable future, chatbots will establish themselves as real helpers in various areas of logistics, such as the returns process, inventory, automated appointment coordination and digital forms or for complaints / fuel invoices, etc., as well as online process help (FAQ bot). In marketing and consumer behavior, chatbots can be used to increase sales. In risk management, losses can be minimized because the intelligent system can independently and proactively identify and derive measures taking into account complex relationships between individual risk factors.

Künstliche Intelligenz (KI) in der Logistik
Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Logistics

Find out about the possible use cases thanks to Artificial Intelligence in logistics and how they can help optimize your logistics processes.

Your Contacts for Efficient Warehouse Management

Bernd Jaschinski-Schürmann
Expert for Logistics IT
Bernd Jaschinski-Schürmann
Expert for Supply Chain Management