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AI Application Cases in Practice

Be inspired by our AI application cases

AI in Here and Now

Our application cases and experience reports around Artificial Intelligence (AI) show that AI has long since arrived in practice. Are you still looking for the most suitable application scenarios in your company? Feel inspired!

Our AI-Application Cases at a Glance

ArvatoSystems_AI_Churn Prediction_AdobeStock_171044217

Churn Prediction

With Artificial Intelligence, we identify and avoid customer churn potential at an early stage.

ArvatoSystems_AI_Inventory Forecast_AdobeStock_80743155

Inventory Forecast

Reliable inventory forecasts enable cost-efficient warehouse operations and higher customer satisfaction.

ArvatoSystems_AI_Predictive Maintenance_Fotolia_77866546

Predictive Maintenance

Intelligent data analysis makes the condition of machines and systems transparent.


Smart Nameplate Recognition

Identification of machines and systems through intelligent nameplate recognition using Artificial Intelligence


Sales forecast

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, sales and incoming orders can be predicted more reliably and accurately.


Anomaly Detection on Construction Sites

Inspect construction sites for anomalies with the help of IoT sensors and AI data analysis and thus optimally secure them.


Automated Network Load Monitoring

This case shows how grid load data can be intelligently processed in the energy industry using Artificial Intelligence.


Crime News Classification

The following use case shows the advantages Artifiical Intelligence offers in the journalistic environment.


Efficient Warehouse Management with Chatbots

This use case illustrates how Artificial Intelligence can increase efficiency in the returns process for online and mail order retailers.


Passenger Forecasts for Local and Long-Distance Traffic

This case shows how Artificial Intelligence can be used to make learning forecasts and predictions for local and long-distance traffic.


Manuscript Insights

Manuscript Insights gives editors a quick overview of existing texts thanks to Artificial Intelligence.


Product Recognition in Returns Management

The example given here illustrates how Artificial Intelligence ensures greater efficiency in the returns process of online and mail order retailers.


Sales Forecasts for Cruise Shops

Machine Learning from Arvato Systems supports shops on cruise ships in efficient logistics planning.

Arvato Systems implementiert automatische Validierung von Unterschriften durch ein neuronales Netzwerk

Signature Validation

This solution, supported by artificial intelligence, analyses signatures and checks their plausibility.

Your Contact for the AI-Competence Cluster

Niels Pothmann
Expert for Advanced Analytics & Artificial Intelligence