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The cloud-based platform for digital image production with 3D assets

Götz Moritz Bongartz
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Images Bring the World to Life

Images make the world come alive, whether in the digital or analog world, on a website, social media, catalogs, or ads. Well-designed product photos pique your customers' interest and draw attention to the advertised product.


But product photography is not always possible, dynamic enough, or cost-effective. The alternative: high-quality photorealistic 3D visualization.


Imagejet from Arvato Systems provides the solution: As a B2B platform, imagejet delivers a cloud-based all-in-one solution infrastructure for the collaborative mass production of images based on 3D assets. Here, well-documented workflows provide a best-practice foundation for rapid entry into the world of 3D image production.

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Imagejet will revolutionize the way artists, agencies, marketing departments, gamers, developers and more work. We give you a powerful tool so you can bring their power together and create virtual worlds.

imagejet: From PIM Data to a Comprehensive Image Catalog

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Imagejet offers you an easy entry into digital image creation. The starting point is your PIM data, which is integrated into imagejet. Agencies, photo studios, and specialized 3D partners can seamlessly integrate into the 3D asset creation process. What's unique about this is that scenes built using imagejet's innovative technology can be saved and reused.


Image production in Imagejet is conveniently controlled via the web browser. At any time, you have the option of performing quality checks either manually or automatically.


But your assets in imagejet can do even more: thanks to state-of-the-art USD technology, the valuable 3D assets can be used not only for image production but also for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), as well as for 3D viewers on your homepage. Matching with imagejet is done via an API and integrates seamlessly with your infrastructure via REST.

Imagejet offers the ideal solution for all those who want standardized image production without the expense of their own 3D infrastructure. Neither quality nor availability are compromised.

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Your Advantages

Standardized, cost-effective image production at the highest quality level
Integration of existing processes of e.g. photo studios, media agencies,...
One-stop-shop approach to digital asset creation
Flexibility and reusability through centralized storage of 3D assets
Precisely fitting creation of desired scenes, materials and objects
Consistent use of USD format
Easy scaling to high volumes using the latest cloud technology

imagejet in Retail: Realistic 3D Content Instead of Costly Product Photography


Images are critical to sales success. Product photos are often the first thing potential customers see of a product. They provide an opportunity to present the product attractively, visually highlight its features and benefits, and visually convey important information.


High-quality product images also reflect the professionalism and seriousness of the retailer. Customers have more confidence in a retailer who provides clear and detailed product photos.

In a competitive market, being more confident in a retailer providing professional product images can help a retailer stand out. Through appealing and unique product photos, a retailer can pique the interest of its customers and encourage them to choose its product over others. However, this endeavor often fails due to the high cost of custom product photos, mainly when many product variants exist.


Product images created according to the recommended workflows in imagejet are in no way inferior to photographs taken in a professional photo studio. However, they can be produced in a broader range of variants at significantly lower cost and time.

Here’s How Retailers Benefit From Photorealistic Product Images Created With imagejet in Retail:

Increase in turnover
Increase in customer satisfaction
Building a positive retailer image

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imagejet: Power Through the Latest Technologies

High-Performance Cloud Computing

The high-performance cloud resources needed for Imagejet are provided from the Google Cloud.

Other technologies

Imagejet also uses SideFX, Autodesk and Pixar.

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Götz Moritz Bongartz
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