Meeting FMD Requirements Modular and in Real-time

Yusen Logistics

Arvato Systems Supports Wholesaler with Becoming FMD Compliant


On 9 February 2019, it came into full force – the "Falsified Medicines Directive" (FMD), the EU directive on the protection of medicinal products against counterfeiting. Arvato Systems is supporting Yusen Logistics, a global logistics service provider with strong presence in Healthcare, as it updates its business processes to meet the requirements of the new directive. The FMD directive is a transformation for all institutions active in the pharmaceutical industry that enables participants in the supply chain – including pharmaceutical wholesalers – to check the authenticity of products.

Customer Benefits

Advice on the complete fulfillment of FMD compliance
Easy integration into flexible IT and process landscapes
Combining existing and new processes
Extensible platform with the help of additional apps
Process transparency in real-time
Cooperation based on trust and partnership

Arvato proved to be a knowledgeable partner in the field of serialization and the Falsified Medicines Directive. There was a good cooperation between both companies to set up an efficient and compliant solution, which would work for both parties and our customers.

Yusen Logistics Co. Ltd
Background Situation

Three of Yusen Logistics’ European sites had to be completely updated to meet the requirements of the FMD (Falsified Medicines Directive). Yusen Logistics provides third-party logistics services to several major pharmaceutical companies. To that end, the company needs a highly flexible IT system that can be fully implemented in its own business processes to ensure that Yusen Logistics can exchange data with its
own clients as well as with the relevant national verification systems in a way that complies with all applicable regulations.


The goal of the project is to establish an IT environment that updates Yusen Logistics’ flexible business processes in order to fully meet the new requirements laid out by the FMD. We enable a simple implementation of the system, user-friendly handling and support the digitization of business processes.


The Arvato Smart Logistics Platform Healthcare Suite is a modular digital system used to visualize both internal and cross-company logistics processes in accordance with FMD requirements. The solution supports pharmaceutical wholesalers in securely and promptly implementing the business processes required to ensure compliance with the EU FMD, with a focus on verification and decommissioning in particular. Additionally, the solution provides real-time process transparency, streamlined IT architecture, a high degree of user-friendliness and, consequently, a high level of acceptance among users.

About Yusen Logistics

Yusen Logistics Co. Ltd is a service and logistics company founded on 28 February 1955 and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. It is one of the largest logistics companies in Europe and operates healthcare warehouses in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Great Britain. With approximately 24,000 employees and 550 distribution centers in 44 countries, Yusen Logistics’ primary fields of business include international shipping by air and sea, order fulfillment, warehousing and transport.

Download the Yusen Logistics Case Study here

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