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ENNI Modernizes System and Process Landscape With SAP S/4HANA

New implementation of SAP S/4HANA in only 11 months ensures high level of satisfaction


ENNI Energie & Umwelt Niederrhein GmbH is a Germany-wide energy supplier and infrastructure service provider for Moers and the region. As part of a digitization project, it was determined that the old system and process landscape at ENNI no longer met the requirements of contemporary process management.ENNI was therefore looking for a suitable partner who could not only split up the existing SAP ERP landscape and migrate it to SAP S/4HANA, but also implement a comprehensive optimization and standardization of processes. After an intensive search for a suitable partner, ENNI chose Arvato Systems, which was entrusted with implementing the new SAP S/4HANA implementation across all project phases.

The Benefits

Business process optimization
Standardization of processes
Establishment of a modern and flexible IT architecture
Harmonization of processes and interfaces
Reduction of complexity
Establishment of integrated processes

"As a long-standing customer, we know about the outstanding professionalism and expertise of Arvato Systems. We were therefore convinced that we had found the ideal IT service provider for our project."


Project Overview

Initial situation

Because the system and process landscape at ENNI had grown historically, it was not only complex, but also inflexible - and above all no longer up to date. In particular, the SAP systems no longer met the requirements of contemporary process management.


The future of the energy industry is digital. ENNI therefore planned to create a modern and flexible IT architecture and to carry out an SAP relaunch for this purpose. The first step was to separate existing systems and data and to rebuild the system on SAP S/4HANA. In the course of this, business processes had to be optimized and standardized, and workflows and interfaces harmonized, building on the results of the preliminary projects.


For the implementation, it was necessary, among other things, to define more than 280 different user scenarios (user stories) and to realize them accordingly. A particular challenge was the testing and transfer of critical migration objects. It was also necessary to introduce new posting interfaces between SAP IS-U and SAP S/4HANA, transfer authorization roles from the existing system and process landscape, and make SAP S/4HANA executable.

Our Services

  • Replacing an SAP ERP landscape that was outdated, too complex, and inflexible
  • Optimization and standardization of business processes as well as harmonization of processes and interfaces
  • Simplification of commercial processes, streamlining of data management, improvement of IT performance and enhancement of user-friendliness
  • Creation of the basis for the implementation of future SAP innovations

The Customer: ENNI Energie & Umwelt Niederrhein GmbH

ENNI Energie & Umwelt Niederrhein GmbH, as part of the ENNI group of companies, is an energy supplier and infrastructure service provider operating nationwide but with regional ties. The group of companies offers a broad range of products and services, contributes to regional value creation and orients its actions to the long-term benefit of the people in the Moers region. In 2022, ENNI generated sales of over 260 million euros with around 600 employees.

Your Contact for the Digitization in the Energy Industry

Loseke, Bernd_00292969_kleiner
Bernd Loseke
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