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streamworks Release 2023

The new release

The new streamworks release 2023 has been available for download in the customer portal since 05/10/2023. The release has been running productively and error-free in the Arvato Systems data centers since the end of April 2023. You will find an overview of the most interesting new features here. 

The complete documentation of all new features to the release is available in the customer portal.

1. Stream tagging

Streams can now be tagged. This allows Streams to be better categorized and found. Tags can be set in the Desktop Client, via PSL and via SMA (REST API).


2. Web Service Job: increased usability

The usability of defining Web Requests in the Web Service Job has been improved. The URL Parameters, the URL Query Parameters and the Header Parameters can now be specified in tabular form. Placeholders can now be used in the URL itself.


3. Deletion of Start List entries by SMA

Entries from the Start List can now be deleted via SMA (REST API) in addition to the Desktop Client. 


4. Management of logical resources by SMA

Logical resources can now also be created, deleted and changed via SMA (REST API).


5. Extension of the Web App

The new Web App has been expanded. The following functions were taken over from the Self Service Portal:

Stream run:

  • function Set immediate start time

  • Set and remove status Bypass

  • Set Completed status

  • Restart options


  • Set and remove status On Hold

  • Set and remove status Bypass

  • Set Completed status

  • Restart options

  • Cancel Job Loop


  • Get Job Log

  • Get Error Log


The following additional functions have been added:

  • Login by certificate

  • Extension of search and filtering in tables

  • Configure one-time password for Two Factor Authentication


6. Filedependency: Abort of check possible

The entire check of a File Dependency can now be canceled prematurely if a directory or mount point no longer exists. For this purpose, the DirExist and MountExist functions have been extended by the "Abort" parameter.This extension allows the File Dependency Rule to respond to a cluster failover, among other things.

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