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streamworks Release 2022

The new Release

The new streamworks release 2022 has been available for download in the customer portal since 22/ 09/2022. The release has been running productively and error-free in the Arvato Systems data centers since the end of April 2022. You will find an overview of the most interesting new features here.

The complete documentation of all new features to the release is available in the customer portal.

Stream Abort on Job Abort
Certificate Management and Agent Certificates
External Dependencies: Expiration
Deletion of Referenced Agents
New Web Application
Extension of the Service Management API


Using the new loop function, you can run Streamworks jobs multiple times at short intervals. Various parameters allow you to set the properties of the loop execution or specify conditions under which Streamworks should stop loop execution. You can find the new option in the properties window of a Streamworks job. The function is only available for normal jobs, but can also be set up for dynamic jobs. It is also only available for Unix and Windows agents from version 4.1.


Available Parameters::

  • Waiting time between loop executions
  • Maximum duration of a loop execution
  • Valid loop execution return codes
  • Loop end conditions
    • End time

    • Loop execution time

    • Number of loop executions

Stream Abort on Job Abort

Whole stream runs can now be cancelled. This function can be set for streams in the Stream design. Streams for which this option is not selected continue to behave as before.

A new end status aborted has been added to the known stream end status completed. This new status will be set as soon as a stream job aborts. The canceled job gets the status canceled and all jobs after it get the status skipped. The stream run also gets the status aborted and is considered as ended. This allows the next stream run to start.


Certificate Management and Agent Certificates

The signature of all certificates is changed from SHA1 to SHA384 with this release. The key length of existing master and intermediate certificates remains the same, new intermediate CAs receive an RSA 3072-bit key. The endpoint certificates for Processing Server and Agents also got an RSA 3072-bit key. Agent endpoint names contain the agent's name as an OID pseudonym.

All new endpoint certificates are available from Streamworks support and can be managed in the master data area.


External Dependencies: Expiration

An expiration time can now be specified for external dependencies. If this time is reached, the dependency is considered as fulfilled and any follow-up jobs or follow-up streams can start.

In this context, the design of the properties window for the external dependencies was revised.


Deletion of Referenced Agents

Agents can now be deleted even though they are referenced by other objects, such as streams from the runtime.

The deleted agents are then displayed as follows with a cross after their name:


Deletion is still not possible if the agent is referenced by the following objects:

  • Cur & New version of a stream
  • Agent pool
  • Notification mapping
  • Visibility of login objects

Here, the replace function must be used beforehand in order to replace the agent to be deleted with another one.

New Web Application

From release 2022, a new web application will replace the existing mobile apps.

The web application provides the same range of functions as the mobile apps, so that the following views are available:

  • Status view
  • Incident view for job incidents
  • Incident view for system incidents

The web application is a so-called Progress Web App, so that it can be installed from the browser as a local app and then used like one.


Extension of the Service Management API with additional CLI functions

In total 11 new functions have been added to the Service Management API. An overview of all function You find in the documentation of Release 2022 in the customer portal.

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