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Secure, efficient, and flexible.

SAP Hosting Services from Arvato Systems – Secure, Efficient, and Flexible

Our certified SAP hosting services provide you with secure, reliable infrastructure solutions: From solution consulting and design, to standard and customized SAP solutions, through to the setup and operation of complex SAP environments and 24/7 support. Our experts have the expertise and many years of experience necessary to serve as a one-stop shop for smoothly implementing your individual requirements. We have acquired the necessary IT and industry experience over the course of numerous client projects. We also offer industry-specific solutions that ideally complement our standard and customized services. We offer a great deal of flexibility in order to ensure optimum results: You decide whether you would like to acquire SAP licenses alongside hosting or simply use your own. You choose whether you would like to commission us with application management or use your own employees. You specify which services should come from the cloud. Services are provided in either your data centers, or our certified data centers in Germany.

Overview of Our SAP Hosting Services

  • SAP Hosting

    SAP hosting in the outsourcing model gives you the ability to exert the greatest possible influence on your SAP applications while concurrently reducing the workload for your organization. In SAP hosting, Arvato Systems provides support for SAP Basis and operates the database, operating system, hardware, storage, and backup, and also provides a certified data center infrastructure in Germany. The infrastructure is provided as dedicated hardware or, in the rental model, is flexibly sourced from Arvato Systems Cloud Services.

    Customizable, reliable in-memory technology: SAP HANA database
    With its SAP HANA database, SAP launched an innovative in-memory platform in 2011 – and with SAP HANA 2, the expanded release of the SAP HANA platform is now available.

  • SAP Remote Service

    Remote support for your SAP system gives you the freedom to choose the location and platform while concurrently ensuring security and optimum monitoring of your SAP systems by our experts. In SAP remote support, Arvato Systems handles the administration of SAP Basis, the database, and the operating system at data center locations of your choosing: even in the cloud. You can use your own space, rent co-locations at central sites, or book infrastructure from a public cloud. Arvato Systems always guarantees optimum support – in the hybrid model, as well.  

  • SAP HANA Test Drive

    Get a real feel for what it might be like to let SAP HANA help drive your business. Sign up for the SAP HANA Test Drive to confirm the benefits of SAP HANA and S/4HANA for your company before you make a long-term investment in your SAP solution. Arvato Systems offers this service in three steps to ensure meaningful results for your company and your business strategy:

    Step 1: Analysis workshop

    • Identify your SAP HANA potential
    • Define test cases and KPIs to gauge your SAP HANA Test Drive

    Step 2: The test drive

    • Set up the system using your business data
    • Process defined test cases and measure KPIs

    Step 3: Strategy workshop

    • Examine and evaluate test drive results
    • Formulate your SAP HANA and S/4HANA strategy
    • Examine the added value of your own business by taking advantage of our SAP HANA Test Drive. And our SAP HANA experts will be with you in the passenger seat.
  • SAP Basis und Infrastructure Consulting

    Take advantage of independent consulting from our experienced consultants on issues such as optimizing and future-proofing your SAP solutions. Are your employees at your location responsible for operating your SAP systems? We can provide you with consulting services regarding the future of your systems if you face challenges that go beyond your means to handle. Whether you need support in analysis, consulting, planning, or execution, we deliver expertise in all these areas based on the experience and expertise we have gained in our more than 30 years of operating data centers. Gain a decisive strategic advantage in the future-oriented, strategic development of your SAP solution – contact us!

Your Benefits


Arvato Systems’ high-availability data centers located at the geographically non-critical Gütersloh site are certified in compliance with the current international security standard ISO/IEC 27001. Services are also performed in accordance with ITIL®.


We employ our expertise and many years of experience to reduce the complexity of your systems. We are also able to carry out rapid implementations and transformations thanks to our best practice models.  On the whole, this will make your SAP environment more scalable and invoicing more direct.


IT resources can be quickly and flexibly set up or removed. Standard modules can be ordered based on the client’s individual needs and assembled as required.


As an SAP Gold Partner for many years, Arvato Systems’ data centers have earned the following certifications:

  • SAP Certified Provider of Hosting Services
  • SAP Certified Provider of Cloud Services
  • SAP Certified Provider of SAP HANA Operations Services

Your Contact for SAP Hosting

Mario Karrenbrock
Expert for Cloud Solutions