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The Right Cloud Setup

Turn to our cloud strategy enabling service for the right advice

We Make Your Business Processes Cloud-capable

Time is often the only stable, reliable constant in a volatile business environment. Our world is increasingly digitalizing, making it imperative not to lose any time when adjusting your business model and operational workflows accordingly. Our practical Cloud Strategy & Enablement consulting approach provides you with the support you need to design your cloud strategy pragmatically and implement it in a targeted way. Agile methods and results-oriented planning guarantee maximum planning security.

We are passionate, experienced cloud experts with a knack for ascertaining what’s feasible and a wealth of in-depth market knowledge. We work together with you to develop custom cloud transition concepts for your infrastructure, cloud-native software design and redesign, and applications. In doing so, we draw upon our many years of experience in planning and executing common migration strategies: from the ‘lift and shift’ approach for established solutions, to transferring adapted applications to an identical basic structure, through to outsourcing modernized legacy applications to the cloud. You also benefit from our expertise in launching native, cloud-based new developments and replacing existing applications with modern SaaS solutions.

Take Advantage of Our Comprehensive Consulting Expertise

  • Capacity for Digital Innovation

    Do you want to improve your employee communication? Do you want to make project management more transparent? Do you want to offer your customers new (and improved) services? You can deploy modern PaaS and SaaS solutions to comprehensively optimize and digitalize your business processes, all the while keeping implementation hurdles to a minimum. For example, you can take advantage of the options for automated voice and image recognition that Salesforce and Office 365 offer on the basis of PaaS and cognitive services.

    • Benefit from our extensive cloud expertise in the areas of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.
    • Rely on our professional requirements analysis.
    • Count on our needs-based strategies and custom cloud solutions.
    • Trust in our expertise as an IT systems integrator that quickly and easily integrates your cloud solution into your IT infrastructure.
  • Sustainable Cost Reduction

    Do you want to break out of the software silos that have solidified over the years? Do you want to design your application landscapes in a homogenous way? Do you want to replace legacy systems? Use high-performance cloud solutions to replace outdated solutions and significantly reduce costs. We analyze your existing IT system landscape and/or the operational challenges faced by the specialist departments in your company. In doing so, we rely on BusDevOps: Our cloud teams consist of process and industry experts as well as cloud and solution specialists, all working hand in hand. We develop the optimal cloud solution for you through a bilateral exchange of information and close cooperation.

    • We demonstrate opportunities for you to take advantage of disruptive cost savings: Replace old software with an SaaS solution, or support manual work steps with a PaaS solution. In doing so, you only pay for the service that you actually use, which lets you eliminate entire cost pools.
    • We also point out opportunities for you to take advantage of incremental cost savings: Optimize individual software components with the help of automated infrastructures, and improve the use of test systems and applications with strongly fluctuating needs.
  • Quickly Achieve Market Maturity

    Do you want to implement changes to your IT without investing a great deal of time and money? Do you want to quickly respond to changing requirements with needs-based business processes? Modern cloud solutions provide you with the flexibility you need so that you always have the right response to fluctuating market and customer requirements.

    • We analyze the individual needs of each specialist department.
    • We design a custom-tailored cloud solution with as few interfaces as possible to the existing IT setup.
    • Using our agile method, we quickly develop prototypes that can test and evaluate your specialist departments.
    • Following a successful sales campaign, we quickly shut down all IT resources that are no longer required, without incurring any residual costs.

    If you wish, we can transfer the temporary prototypes to your permanent IT architecture using a hierarchical method.

  • Strategic Digitalization

    Are you regularly preoccupied with a diverse range of security projects as a manager and IT expert? Do you want to make security-relevant decisions based on valid facts? We support you in systematically identifying your individual security needs, a service designed to supplement consulting from a specialized lawyer.

    • We analyze your business challenges based on surveys of internal stakeholders and employees, or through analyses such as vulnerability scans.
    • We sort and prioritize department- and topic-specific security needs (access security, failsafe operation, data protection, etc.).
    • We work together with you to develop a custom solution strategy that optimally corresponds to your security needs.
    • We provide and run a platform for you that lets you efficiently manage governance, risk, and compliance.

Your Way to the Cloud:

Strategy Enablement

We work together with you as a partner within the scope of strategy enabling to design your custom cloud story. We depict it in a way that’s suitable for management, including the implementation of the planned cloud transition and a needs-based implementation road map. Building off of proven business cases, we summarize the project plan for you so you can use it as a basis for making decisions. 

Road Map

We define the speed of your cloud transformation and coordinate the individual transition packages based on the road map that we design together. This enables precise resource, capacity, and detailed cost planning.

Concept and Design

Our experienced concept and design specialists take over the detailed planning of the individual cloud transitions for you. They design a detailed plan for custom migration and, if necessary, change management.


We also support you in implementing your cloud concept as well as in implementing and integrating corresponding software solutions as an experienced service provider in the field of systems and service integration.

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Your Contacts for Cloud & Strategy Enablement

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Steffen Groba
Expert for Amazon Web Services
Arvato Systems Employee Sören Huehold
Sören Hühold
Expert for IT Transformation & Cloud Solutions
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Mathias Lopass
Expert for Microsoft Azure