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More Data, More Processes, More Efficiency through Variable Tariffs

Mastering the introduction of dynamic electricity tariffs with IT systems suitable for mass production 

Use Case
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​​By introducing variable tariffs, you can give end customers an incentive to adjust their consumption behavior to suit the system. By shifting their energy consumption to times of day when energy prices are lower, end customers can optimize their energy costs. The challenge here is that the implementation of such tariffs requires much more data to be collected, stored and processed than has been the case to date. To implement this as an energy supplier, you need IT systems that support the necessary processes on a mass scale.​ 

Optimize Energy Costs with Dynamic Electricity Tariffs

Your Challenge

​​Classic electricity tariffs for household and commercial customers often contain a constant energy price for the end customer's energy consumption. This does not depend on the time of day and does not usually change over the term of the contract. Current IT systems at energy suppliers are designed to handle only the data required for this.​ 

The Target Vision

​​As an energy supplier, you provide your end customers with price signals via dynamic tariffs. This enables consumers to optimize their energy costs by specifically shifting energy consumption to favorable periods. The processes required for this run fully automatically via various specialized modules of an integrative IT platform.​ 

Our Solution

The various modules of the Arvato Energy Plattform® represent end-to-end integrated process chains for energy suppliers. These modules are also consistently designed for the use of time-variable data. There is a seamless transfer between the modules. The necessary processes for mapping dynamic tariffs are also implemented here.

Advantages for You as an Energy Supplier

​​Process Automation​

​​By integrating various specialized modules, a very high level of process automation is achieved in the handling of dynamic tariffs.​ 

​​No initial investment​

​​The Arvato Energy Plattform® modules are provided as "Software as a Service" in the cloud. Use is possible without a high initial investment on the basis of a monthly fee.​ 

​​Quickly available​

​​The booked services of AEP are available immediately. No lengthy implementation projects are required.​ 

Our Services for Your Success

  • ​​The smart meter gateway is the central communication unit of a smart metering system and provides the necessary measured values for variable tariffs. Communication with a smart metering system requires a high level of security requirements and performance in order to provide the measured values.​ 

  • ​​By linking real-time measured values and stock exchange prices, the end customer can be shown when energy consumption is more favorable. Additional energy-saving tips further optimize annual consumption.​ 

  • ​​The processed data is automatically transferred to the billing system, where the variable rates can be billed.​ 

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