Shaping the Future through ESG Reporting and Climate Accounting

Sustainability as a success factor for energy suppliers 

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The pressure to reduce CO2 emissions is growing, not least in public institutions (role model function!). In addition, the legislator obliges to act. Energy-efficient behavior requires energy know-how, which municipal utilities have. Utilities are, therefore natural protagonists in energy efficiency and environmental management. Our cloud-based IoT environmental data platform green.screen helps capture energy and resource consumption, ensuring accurate and consistent ESG data management. The resulting transparency in climate accounting leads to significant optimization potential and carbon footprint reduction.  

Optimization of Energy Business Processes

Your Challenge

The energy efficiency targets for public institutions of the federal, state and local governments, as well as private companies and data centers, will be significantly increased compared to the current directive. Measures such as the introduction of energy and environmental management systems for federal, state and local authorities or the avoidance and use of waste heat to develop and implement energy efficiency measures in data centers will become mandatory. However, you should see this not only as an obligation, but above all as an opportunity. 

The Target Vision

​​​For companies, the development and ongoing management of various energy efficiency measures primarily means savings in energy consumption and, thus a reduction in energy costs. At the same time, these players contribute to achieving climate targets at national and European levels.​ 

Our Solution

We provide the missing tool for this. Our SaaS solution green.screen provides them with an integrated energy and environmental management solution in a simple way. At the same time, the modern IT architecture and the flexibility of green.screen support you in the realization of new energy efficiency and environmental management services, also for your customers. 

Advantages for You as an Energy Supplier

Sustainability as a Service

New approaches to services that you can offer to commercial and industrial customers as well as municipalities provide you with an additional revenue model in the face of increasing pressure on margins. 

Resource-efficient operation

The development and continuous management of energy efficiency measures primarily mean savings in energy consumption and thus reduce energy costs. 

Image boost through role model function

Utilities that stand out as active climate protectors gain an image boost. 


At any time you have transparency about your energy use and carbon footprint. 

Cloud based platform

Deploying in the cloud simplifies onboarding and streamlines operations. 

Open platform

It is possible to import data in various file formats and from any source. 

Professional Energy, Plant and Environmental Management for Greater Sustainability

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