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Content Delivery Network (CDN) From the Cloud

Fast and reliable delivery of digital content

Deliver Your Digital Content at the Edge to Your Users – Fast, Reliable, Secure

Being close to your customer and providing a consistent customer experience is key for the success of digital products. Together with our cloud and CDN partners, we are delivering your content globally to your users. With our solutions, you can increase the availability and security of your webshop or company web page, provide fast live or video-on-demand streaming with optimized latency for different devices, or deliver reliable software downloads.

Next Level Video-Streaming

We have a deep passion for media production und have long-standing industry expertise in the broadcasting field. Our cloud-based live and video-on-demand delivery platform provides state-of-the-art streaming technology, reliable and scalable delivery via multi-CDN and flexible integration with comprehensive video and media services.

Benefits Cloud & Multi-CDN

Strong, global network

We are partnering with leading cloud and CDN providers to offer you the best solution possible. Reach your customers globally using fast, robust and scalable networks that can easily handle large traffic volumes and unexpected peaks.


With a multi-CDN strategy at its core, our platform ensures the highest quality for the end-user, enables redundancy, and offloads peak traffic to a different CDN– all without the complexities of managing multiple CDN providers directly.

Video Streaming

Our Live and Video-On-Demand (VOD) streaming supports the delivery of all major video formats (HLS, DASH, MP4, CMAF). Additionally, it provides services for encoding, transcoding, DVR & timeshift or video AI.

1-2-3 done

Our DevOps best practices include Infrastructure as Code and flexible configurations via API. That makes it quick and easy to setup on our platform and to integrate it into your existing products.

24/7 Support available

With our skilled helpdesk, support experts are available around the clock to investigate and remediate problems within your SLAs. Obviously, we are also proactively monitoring our platform using (near-) realtime logging.

EU-GDPR compliant

Data protection is an important concern for us. We offer an EU-GDPR compliant delivery of your web and video content and highest security standards.

Our CDN Technology Partners

Akamai CDN
Lumen CDN

Frequently Asked Questions About the Content Delivery Network

  • A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a network of servers that deliver content such as videos, images, and websites to users around the world. CDNs ensure that this content loads faster and more reliably by distributing traffic across multiple servers.

  • A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is suitable for all companies that require high bandwidth and fast loading time of their website. CDNs have servers close to the end user and can significantly reduce load times. This is especially important if you have a business with an international audience or you offer content that generates a lot of traffic (e.g. videos or downloads). Using a CDN also makes sense if you have a business with high security requirements. CDNs offer increased security through DDoS protection and encrypted connections.

  • Google Cloud CDN is a content delivery network provided on Google Cloud Platform. It uses Google's global network to deliver content faster and more reliably to users around the world. Cloud CDN can be used for a variety of applications, including websites, videos, and games.

  • Multi-CDN has a number of advantages. For one, it enables better utilization of available bandwidth, increasing the speed and reliability of content delivery. In addition, multi-CDN provides redundancy and failover options so that in the event of a CDN provider failure, there is no interruption of service.

Your Contact for Content Delivery Network

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Christian Scholz
Experte für Multi-CDN