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Digital images of reality are becoming increasingly important: whether as the passive product passes in the form of digital shadows or is enriched with simulation capability as a Digital Twin - these are absolute added values for the industry, from internal processes such as production planning and quality assurance to new digital value-added customer services. Digital Twins form the basis for this. The wide range of possible applications requires the necessary foresight to implement such projects. Many departments are involved, a wide variety of systems must interact, and, finally, clean data management and data governance are indispensable. We support you from the initial planning phase of a suitable system architecture through to implementation.

Digital Twin in Practice

​Your Challenge

For example, Digital Twins are the tool of choice for sustainability documentation requirements or product traceability. For this purpose, production data, such as the required energy consumption, must be recorded and stored product-specific. The standardization of the digital management shell forms a jumping-off point for such a project. 

The Vision

The aim is to collect production data, process it semantically and make it available to third parties. In the future, it will be possible to offer not only digital product passports, but also relevant ESG data, product-specific, precise data sheets, and customer- and product-specific value-added services. Digital Twins form the basis for monetizing one's own data treasure. 

Our Solution

We are a member of the LNI 4.0 (Labs Network Industrie 4.0 e.V.) and thus also of the Platform Industrie 4.0. Acting close to the legislator, we are familiar with future regulatory requirements such as the digital product passport. In addition, we support the introduction of multifunctional Digital Twins with the help of our broad technical solution portfolio. We take care of integration and data preparation - you use the data for your growth. 

Benefits for You as a Manufacturing Company

Increase granularity of your data

Digital Twins break with existing PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) logic. Products and their data are collected and made usable on a per-unit basis. Higher granularity means improved transparency. 

Using collected data profitably

Digital Twins form the basis for data ecosystems like Manufacturing-X. Here, for the first time, the foundations are being laid for offering and monetizing your own data in a targeted manner.

Increase customer individuality

Digital Twins enable targeted and individual customer support: Knowing exactly which variant of a product your customer uses also has advantages for your company after the sale. 

Improve product quality

Data analyses are created on a unit-by-unit basis - so you discover potential for improvement in your production system and use the granularity for quality analyses. 

Design the supply chain transparent

What if not only you, but also your supply chain works with Digital Twins? In this current age, this is an advantage for more transparency in logistics and procurement processes. 

Set up production sustainably

Sustainability and growth must be thought of together. Optimize the ecological footprint of your products and communicate this transparently via a CO2 product passport. 

Digital Twin - 5 Challenges from Your Daily Business

Our Services for Your Success

  • No production is identical - we analyze your situation individually and use our experience to shape the path to the digital data future together with you. From our hardware partners for data acquisition to our own integration experience and our research partners in the field of artificial intelligence. We develop the right and individual project approach to fit your use cases. 

  • We manage the new flood of data together with you. We know how to build modern data infrastructures and help you not only collect data, but also make it usable. This begins with orderly governance and leads to a stable and high-performance system environment. At the same time, we support you in the appropriate preparation and visualization of your data to make it available for business decisions. 

  • Our roots can be found in integration. Digital Twins allow you to integrate your processes with partners across company boundaries. We develop the appropriate interfaces (API) based on industry standards, with which you can put your own data in the spotlight to either leverage efficiency potentials together with third parties or develop new digital services. Your data will remain an untapped treasure without sufficient connectivity to partner and customer systems, your data will remain an untapped treasure. 

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