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KIM - Communication in Medicine

Communicate Quickly and Easily With Our Kim+ Service

All-Round Service

Our All-Round Service for Digital Healthcare

Als Betreiber der zentralen Telematikinfrastruktur und führender Anbieter des VPN-Zugangsdienstes sind wir der Digitalisierungspartner des deutschen Medizinwesens. Wir unterstützen die Akteure bei der Digitalisierung und entwickeln digitale Gesundheitsanwendungen für Leistungserbringer und Patient:innen gleichermaßen.

kim+: Our solution for clinics, nursing facilities, doctors' offices, and pharmacies

As a specialist in the telematics infrastructure for many years, we have developed a particularly powerful, easy-to-install, and easy-to-operate KIM service that considerably simplifies installation at care facilities, hospitals, and doctors' surgeries and pharmacies.

Numerous interfaces are implemented in our kim+ service for automation and especially for integration into the primary system. For service providers on-site (DVO) and primary system manufacturers, excellent control is thus possible: installation, operation, and the registration of users in the healthcare sector are automated. With a customer portal, KIM is managed easily and flexibly.

Your Advantages - Why KIM Is So Easy With Arvato Systems

Minimized costs: Installation, registration, and operation of KIM can be automated
Process quality: you use our established service processes from day one
Guaranteed data security: Our data centers are owned in Germany
Automation: no problem thanks to our interfaces
All-round service: with our service portal
Everything from a single source: We accompany you from TI connection to KIM and even further

Our Services for KIM

Provision of the KIM service and the client module as well as support during installation

Easy management of KIM mailboxes via a service portal or dedicated interfaces

Automated operation including all necessary software updates and regular maintenance

Second-Level-Support via the Service Center

Partnership and Cooperation Gematik

As a partner of gematik, we not only lay the foundation for the use of digital health applications as the operator of the telematics infrastructure (TI) but also offer our applications with our kim+ service, among others. More information on KIM and a corresponding checklist can be found on the gematik technical portal.

Frequently Asked Questions About KIM

  • Is KIM already mandatory?

    Yes, KIM has been mandatory since April 1, 2021, for all doctor's offices that want to transmit e-doctor's letters. In addition, since October 1, 2021, KIM offers the only option for sending an eAU (electronic certificate of incapacity for work) from patients to health insurers via TI (telematics infrastructure). KIM is, therefore, necessary to communicate with other players in the healthcare system.

  • What is a KIM address?

    A KIM address is the uniquely defined, individual mail address with which the practice communicates. At least one KIM address is required for each practice. Depending on the size of the practice, it is also possible to create several addresses/mailboxes - for example, in the case of group offices. However, a maximum of two KIM addresses per medical practice are covered with the help of flat-rate financing.  

  • What is kim+ and what advantage does the service have over other providers?

    Arvato Systems, the operator of the central telematics infrastructure and leading provider of the VPN access service, offers its own KIM service, kim+. The "+" stands for a service that is easy to install and operate. With the help of numerous interfaces for automation, optimal support for primary system manufacturers and DVOs (on-site service providers) is guaranteed. We have already realized many integrations of the kim+ client into existing software solutions and help our users at any time with our accumulated experience and versatile know-how. The registration of kim+ runs automatically as far as possible, but in addition, we support you with our all-around service package - comprehensive documentation, experienced consultants as well as the offer of test access for service providers and software houses.

    In addition, you can rely on us as Arvato Systems to provide the latest product generations of KIM at any time and continuously expand the service's capabilities.

  • Where can I get kim+?

    Arvato Systems does not sell kim+ directly to service providers or service provider institutions. We provide all physicians or medical practices, pharmacies, care facilities, as well as hospitals and other medical stakeholders, with a large network of partners through which they can obtain kim+. Numerous primary system manufacturers and practice IT service providers offer kim+ mailboxes as well as the desired support in setting up and commissioning the service.

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