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Knowledge AI | Making business knowledge accessible with Generative AI

Knowledge AI

Making company knowledge accessible with Generative AI

Knowledge is an important resource in any organization. Business processes require knowledge from employees and internal and external systems. However, knowledge is often scattered across systems, unstructured or outdated, making it difficult to access information. So, how can you effectively tap into existing knowledge and optimize processes?


Knowledge Retrieval answers this question. It is an umbrella term for solutions that retrieve knowledge using generative artificial intelligence (AI) accessible. Thanks to significant advances in the development of language models, as seen in ChatGPT, these solutions are now so powerful that they can be easily integrated into human process chains.

Your Company Knowledge as a Chat Partner

Avvia ChatGPT | KnowledgeAI

Experience a new way of knowledge management with Generative AI. Your documents and information are combined in a knowledge base and made searchable. Our "Chat with your Data" feature lets employees interact with your data in real-time and speed up processes. In contrast to standard solutions, we focus on your processes and optimize use case by use case to achieve your goals.

Own GenAi Use Cases Quickly Implemented

What is your application scenario for making information and knowledge more usable in your company?

We Combine Your Data With Generative AI

Knowldge AI | Avvia Intelligence

We have developed a framework architecture that enables us to implement customized GenAI solutions for you quickly. As shown in the following diagram, the challenge lies in the orchestration between the use cases, your business context, and a suitable language model. We take care of this for you.

Your Individual Cases Are Our Specialty

Beyond standard solutions

With our approach, you combine data and information from your sources, whether a specific ecosystem, relational data sources or third-party systems

Powerful co-pilot

Users can chat via a large language model with stored company information and access original documents

Seamless integration

All functions can be easily integrated into existing applications, websites and Teams channels

Our GenAI Expertise

Years of experience in the field of data science and machine learning
Enterprise Generative AI Architecture (RAG)
Customer-specific optimization of the retrieval for your data
Prompt Engineering
Model development and fine-tuning of GenAI models
AI model orchestration

We Look At Your Processes First, Then at the Technology

From the problem to the success story - We accompany you on your way

Pre-analysis with workshops
  • We help you to automate your processes yourself
  • One-day workshop - CxO
  • Data Assessment
  • App Modernization
Technological maturity and bandwidth
We are your automation partner
  • We create customized solutions
  • Our automation approach changes your company from the inside out and opens up new opportunities for your employees

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Your Contacts for Knowledge AI

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