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Health and Fitness

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Fitness at Bertelsmann

Fitness at Bertelsmann

Sports are fun, sociable, and keep you in shape. The health and fitness program at the Bertelsmann companies offers you a range of athletic opportunities. These range from back training courses, aerobics, and a lunchtime sports program to informal running groups, health retreats, and activities in affiliated gyms and clubs.

Healthy Eating

There are more than enough reasons to eat a healthy, balanced diet, whether that’s to be good for your body, lose weight, or prevent diet-related diseases. By eating the right foods, you can improve your well-being and your performance. BeFit and the Bertelsmann health insurance fund (BBK) are here to assist you.

Many of the cafeterias in the Bertelsmann companies offer a large selection of healthy dishes and snacks. One good example of this is ‘Vital in Balance’ from Cultina.

Health Comes First

Do you want to take proactive steps to protect your health?

Preventative measures and early detection are cornerstones of good health. If diseases are spotted early on, they can often be treated more effectively, and risk factors can be mitigated to ensure better outcomes.

Our in-house medical service provides medical care and consultation near your place of work and offers a wide range of preventative options. The in-house doctor is familiar with your workplace and the strain you experience on the job. This helps your doctor work with you to counteract work-related stress and illness.

The health of our employees is essential to us. We offer numerous preventative medical examinations at our various sites, and employees can schedule individual appointments as needed:

  • Check-up (G37 and intraocular tension measurement)
  • Back examination
  • Physical examination
  • Stress test
  • Thyroid ultrasound
  • Work-area ergonomics
  • Health check for employees 45 years of age and older

Our offerings are supplemented by specialist consultation on the following topics:

  • Traveling abroad
  • Work-area ergonomics
  • Burnout
  • Support from an in-house social worker

All of our in-house health services are combined in the BeHealth initiative. This program provides you with an excellent basis for comprehensive healthcare.

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