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Benefit from standarized solutions at attractive prices!

Standardized Solutions for Your Magnolia CMS Platform

Have you already decided on Magnolia's CMS, headless or not, as your content management system or are you still in the decision-making process of which content management system is right for you? Are you even missing a feature or an extension that you usually know from other content management systems? We can help you! With our Magnolia CMS modules, we extend the functionality of the platform with standardized modules, centrally maintained and supported by Arvato Systems.

Our Expertise and Support for Your CMS

We are a longtime Magnolia partner, and our experience shows: Most extensions provided by competitors or private persons always had a problem, and the support could not be appropriately guaranteed. In some cases, customers had to accept response times of weeks, or the development and support of required modules ended with an upgrade to the next Magnolia version. Moreover, modules were developed on behalf of individual customers but were not yet available as generic modules making the development costs for you as the customer very expensive. That is a regrettable situation for you as the client. Therefore, we want to improve with a customer-focused pricing model that is attractive and guarantees you our support.

CMS Modules on Your Behalf

Our modules benefit from our longstanding expertise as they originate from ideas and experiences with our customer projects. We have noticed that individual solutions were often produced for each customer of the content management systems. Thus, our generally applicable modules were developed from these proprietary unique solutions. If you too have individual challenges within your content management system for which you need a solution, please contact us, and we will be able to help. 

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Benefits at a Glance

Cheaper than a proprietary development
Guaranteed support for new Magnolia CMS versions
Adjustments to your needs are possible at any time
Further development through ideas from other customers
Open Source CMS modules

Successful Magnolia CMS Customer Projects

SAP C/4HANA at Belimo

Arvato Systems helps Belimo establish an integrated digital customer journey.

Improved User Journey & Appealing Responsive Design

With Arvato Systems as a partner, Medela has established a flexible, expandable, modern content management system based on Magnolia.

Magnolia CMS

New website and bicycle configurator for Tour de Suisse.

The Arvato Magnolia Modules at a Glance

Überblick über die Arvato Magnolia Module inklusive Preisen

Arvato Magnolia Modules

  • Across Integration

    The Magnolia content management system interface to Across enables you to transfer translation jobs from Magnolia directly to Across. You can also deliver crucial context-related meta-information and documents so that the translation process can be completed smoothly. After the translation is completed, the data is returned to Magnolia and automatically imported.

  • DAM ZIP-Download

    The Magnolia content management system does have a ZIP upload function, in which all data is stored hierarchically correctly but unfortunately, a download function for an entire folder is missing. With this module, we close this gap and you can download a DAM folder as ZIP.

  • Excel: Export and Import

    With our Microsoft Excel export/import module, you can import and export data from your Magnolia content management system to Microsoft Excel. Imports and exports can be configured within Magnolia UI with a few simple steps and ready for immediate use. You can also decide which properties should be exported and which not.

  • Form 2 Database

    This module has already been available free of charge for several years. With this module, you can automatically save form data to your Magnolia database and create a list in no time. Then, you can download it as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for further analysis.

  • Image Hotspot

    Do you have a picture that explains the most important features of your product? With our Image Hotspot Magnolia CMS module, you can maintain this information in Magnolia and link it directly to the image section. The front end is independent of this, and you can determine how this information reaches your customers.

  • Jobs/Candidates App

    The jobs and candidates App installs a jobs app to define job ads. The module delivers a job application form component. It delivers a form processor which saves applications into magnolia and shows all job applications in a separate candidates app.

  • Prevent Publishing

    There are always cases in which pages within a "tree" may not yet be published. However, this can easily happen if someone publishes the top page, including all sub-pages, for example. With our Prevent Publishing module, you can select individual pages and protect them from being published.

  • Renew Password

    If a new user is created, it is helpful for the user to change the initial password. With our Renew Password module, you can force your users to set a new password at their next login.

  • Responsive Images

    Our Responsive Images module is based on the existing Magnolia CMS Imaging functions: It complements these with improved image scaling for sharp images and allows the developer to query the image information needed for integration into "Responsive Images." It is also possible to fill up white spaces in images to ensure an optimal display.

  • Salesforce Pardot Integration

    With this module, you can easily integrate Salesforce Pardot into your Magnolia content management system. We use Pardot Form Handler for this purpose, so you can easily use the Magnolia Form module and supplement your existing forms with integration with Salesforce Pardot. In addition, the module also uses session mapping to ensure that the leads are correctly tracked as they progress.

Magnolia Architecture Review

Code reviews should be an essential part of agile software development processes. In this context, it is advisable to use an external independent review team. Get to know our Magnolia Architecture Review offers!

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Magnolia CMS

A content management system for all channels, whether web, mobile, or e-commerce.

Frequently Asked Questions About Magnolia Modules

  • Magnolia Modules are extensions for the Magnolia Content Management System that provide additional functionalities or interfaces to third-party systems. There are different types of modules such as modules for data export, import, or upload, for optimal display of images or even networking with Salesforce Pardot.

  • Yes, Arvato Systems can also develop modules according to specific customer requirements. In doing so, companies benefit from our experience from many successful customer projects. Arvato Systems offers different modules. It is possible, for example, for Arvato Systems to share the development costs for the modules or to assume them entirely.

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