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The Benefits of Digital Twins

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More about the digital twin: possible applications, advantages for the areas of anti-counterfeiting, supply chain & CX to different types of data carriers.

How to utilize Digital Twins for Consumer Goods and Healthcare applications

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A digital twin is the digital identity of a physical product in the virtual world. Each physical object is given a unique digital identifier to link the physical world with the digital world. Together with Avery Dennison we explain various identification options with their respective properties, possible uses, and advantages in the web session.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, which enables digital twins, is increasingly being used in retail, manufacturing, and logistics and is now finding its way into healthcare.

By uniquely identifying each item in the supply chain, providing one-to-one communication with consumers, and documenting the "who, what, and where" about each item, RFID greatly improves customer interaction, supply chain visibility, brand protection, inventory management, operational efficiency, and regulatory compliance, while also preventing counterfeiting.

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