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Free Assessment of Your IT Infrastructure

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Modernize Your IT Infrastructure with Amazon EC2 Servers

The AWS Cloud offers many advantages, including very high availability, redundancy, high security standards and automatic scalability at the push of a button. These advantages come into play especially when only the part of the infrastructure that is absolutely needed is deployed in the cloud.

But do you know which resources are needed and where resources are oversized?  We bring light into the darkness!

Using our free assessment, we identify virtual as well as physical hardware that is currently too large and can be downsized and which is over-licensed, including Windows servers. We will show you how to reduce the cost of your IT infrastructure and increase availability by migrating your IT infrastructure into the cloud.

The assessment covers all your workloads. Following the assessment, you receive the results for further processing and can determine the next steps. 

Outlook: Serverless architecture consulting

Many existing applications can be modularized and decentralized in such a way that they run more efficiently and stably in the cloud.

We will be happy to advise you on this at any time.

Accelerate Your Migration Planning to the AWS Cloud

Based on the results, we develop a targeted plan and cost estimate for your cloud migration. You will get a solid basis for strategic decisions, and we will show you potential savings in both IT infrastructure and MS licensing costs in the AWS cloud.

Benefits of Migrating Your It Infrastructure to the AWS Cloud

Prevent over-provisioning and over-licensing
Accelerate migrations with comprehensive visibility
Inventory and estimate the cost of running a cloud-optimized IT infrastructure
Provide a solid planning foundation for strategic decisions regarding the lift and shift scenario
The assessment is free and not very time-consuming

Frequently Asked Questions about Infrastructure Assessment

  • The first step is to define the scope of the workloads to be considered in the assessment. With the help of the Migration Evaluator, we collect the workload data of the workloads. In the next step, we analyze the data to model individual cost and optimization scenarios. Based on the OLA results, we plan the next steps together.

  • With an AWS Optimization and Licensing Assessment (OLA), we evaluate and optimize your current on-premises and cloud environments, taking into account actual resource usage, third-party licensing, and application dependencies. This provides you with a targeted planning and cost estimate for your cloud migration.

  • There are no costs for you in the context of the AWS OLA, as these are covered for you by AWS as part of a funding request. A time frame of up to 5 hours should be planned.

  • No data relevant under data protection law is collected. We only check information about your company's Windows and MSSQL editions and versions, as well as virtual machine usage data, including peak utilization and average CPU/memory usage.

  • Based on the overall results, you can enter a cloud transformation project optimally informed. The data collected will help you make informed decisions for your journey to the cloud. Request an AWS OLA and let our team of experts advise you.

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