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Streamlining Complex, Time-Critical Logistics Processes - This Is How It Works with AI-Based Chatbots

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24/7 in Action - How AI-Based Chatbots Optimize Your Logistics Processes

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The logistics sector is still home to countless digitalization gaps. They slow down processes, and cost time and money. At the same time, everything has to be done faster and faster.

As it stands, chatbots supported by artificial intelligence are best known from marketing, sales, and service – but they can also be used to optimize processes in logistics.

There are plenty of possible applications for chatbots in logistics – the spectrum ranges from

  • simple information and FAQ bots
  • to bots for schedule management and inventory
  • to form bots for the hazardous substance form or the pallet note.

This innovation briefing provides background information on chatbots and presents a series of use cases in detail.

What You Can Expect in Our Innovation Brief

Get an overview of the possible applications of chatbots by looking at several use cases
Learn which challenges in logistics you can successfully master with chatbots
Find out when the use of chatbots is advantageous compared to apps
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Michael Dreimann
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Pascal Leppich
Expert for Logistics IT
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