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The 8 Do's and Don´ts of Implementing Chatbots in Logistics

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Successfully Implementing Chatbots in Logistics Processes

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Do you want to streamline and optimize your complex and time-critical logistics processes? Have you already identified a large number of gaps in the digitalization of your processes and are looking for ways to close them? Why not consider using chatbots to do this?

Chatbots are best known from the B2C segment and they are now increasingly finding their way into the B2B segment – and logistics, too. You minimize the effort and costs of answering the same questions over and over again and increase the efficiency of your processes. 

However, there are some aspects you need to consider when introducing chatbots to ensure that the initiative does not fail.

Take a look at our checklist with the eight Dos and Don'ts of implementing chatbots in logistics! 


Learn in Our Checklist

Which aspects do you need to pay attention to to successfully implement chatbot projects in logistics
Which common mistakes you should avoid when implementing chatbots
How you can easily integrate chatbots into your systems 
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Expert for Logistics IT
Michael Dreimann
Michael Dreimann
Expert for Logistics IT